‘My Daily’ Spotify launches playlist that integrates music and news podcasts

'My Daily' Spotify launches playlist that integrates music and news podcasts

Spotify, the heavyweight in online music, on Tuesday launched a new type of playlist combining individual music and news podcasts produced by several French news outlets, including the French daily Le Monte and AFP. This feature, called “My Daily” in France, offers each user a playlist “Spotify” designed for them, which reveals to the group “Personalized music selection and short news podcasts in an instant” in a press release. .

The service’s major partners are Le Monde, Agencies France Press (AFP), online news outlets Brute, Radio France (Francinefo, France Inter), and Choice വോ Savior Podcast Network. Designed by Musical Mix, the platform explains that “users can both listen to their favorite songs and find others according to the titles and artists they listen to”. Keeps updates to the playlist throughout the day, they say.

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The three news podcasts are broadcast exclusively on the platform: “El Hour du Monte”, a new podcast produced by the newspaper, which “offers an exchange with a journalist from the editorial staff, for a 20-minute perspective on the subject” in-day news or inquiry ” The new daily format “On the Wire” copies the essentials of daily news in France and internationally within three minutes, and publishes from Monday to Friday from 5:00 am onwards. .

This feature is available in all five countries (United States, Great Britain, Ireland, Australia, Germany), Spotify specifies.

Spotify, the world number one in music streaming, claims 345 million users in 170 markets, including 155 million subscribers. Like its French rival Dieser, the Swedish group is growing more and more in the world of podcasts, with all kinds of audio content expanding widely.

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