Musk threatened to dismiss, and Tesla workers returned to their offices, and trouble ensued

Musk threatened to dismiss, and Tesla workers returned to their offices, and trouble ensued

Earlier this month, Tesla’s technology maker made it clear – that he had given up the idea of ​​working from home – and brought a tsunami of workers into offices that were not ready to accept workers.

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Earlier this month, Elon Musk, a Tesla technician, sent an email to the company’s management. Company employees who want to work remotely are also required to work at least 40 hours away from the office.. That too a few days later The financial crisis signaled the desire to lay off 10% of the company’s employees. Tesla employees understand the message and return to the office – the problem is that the office is not ready for employees to return to it.

Come to the office, but do not plan on a desk or network connection

According to a new report from Information, Tesla’s offices in Fremont, California, were once again overstaffed following an email Musk sent to the company’s management. Problem: Employees report not having enough desks to work on; In addition, the parking space for company offices proved to be inadequate to accommodate all employee vehicles; Employees who have already found a desk to work on also find it difficult to work – because the company’s WiFi networks are constantly crashing.

“Anyone who wants to work remotely must first work at least 40 hours away from the office (I mean * at least *) or leave Tesla,” In an email sent to the company’s management earlier this month, he said, “Remote work is not acceptable. More time is acceptable.” Musk and his HR and IT teams forgot that the company was able to double its workforce to more than 99,000 employees between 2019 and 2021 – so the actual offices were not built to accommodate these employees all at once, as Musk had demanded. In his email.

The report also said that the huge influx of office workers caused some to fill up the parking lot allotted to them, and some had to park their vehicles in the public transport car park near the offices. It is also reported that some managers have already approached employees asking them not to come to the office five days a week to reduce their workload – meaning that employees may have to physically stay in the office for a few days but have to work more hours a day. Reach the quota Musk needs: 40 hours a week. For those who need and need.

Musk did not rule out a letter earlier this month criticizing other major technology companies, many of which are still operating in the form of hybrid work or full – time work from home, and “there are companies that do not need this (back to offices, AA) but when was the last time they launched a new and amazing product? “. If the report is correct, the most important question is what is the status of WiFi and desks in the offices of those companies.

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More stories like that are waiting for you now
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