Musk is asking many laid-off employees to return to work

Musk is asking many laid-off employees to return to work

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Looks like Elon Musk has gifted us with another great chapter soap opera Twitter. After a controversial wave of layoffs, the South African businessman They had to go back and many of them had to be asked to go back to their jobs when they realized they were essential Troan Some activities was announced.

As long suspected, andLast Friday Musk decided to fire him 3700 employeesAccording to something A new CEO was essential to make it profitable Explained the same from Twitter account. los problems They arrived After

Extensively Bloomberg, Musk was forced to ask many employees to return to their jobs over the weekend:

Some ask Dismissed by mistake to come back, they explain Two acquaintancesYou movements. Others were fired before management Musk recognized that his work and experience would be needed to build the new features he planned.

So basically Musk put himself in the firing line Without rhyme or reason to their workers. wonder Another good example of how this whole process of layoffs was a complete bungling That’s it justice Spanish will force Twitter to hire all employees Without following relevant legal channels.

Best of all That’s Musk complained A few days ago advertisers lost faith in the platform and money dwindled. Rhetorical questionWhat we all do The question is whether these kinds of pointless decisions can be made One of the main reasons advertisers are fleeing Twitter.

After years of stagnation, Twitter needs a good turn of the screw to re-emerge. But as Musk continues to take these shots in the dark, I feel like there will be no one left to save this social network from the bottom of the ocean.

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