MusicBlog – The Pogs – New Movie

MusicBlog - The Pogs - New Movie

British film director Julian Temple is best known for his music films and videos. Former The Pogs singer Shane McGowan has decided to live up to his latest creations.

The title of the documentary is “Croc of Gold: A Fury Rounds with Shane McGowan”, which celebrated its German premiere at this year’s Film Festival Cologne a few weeks ago. The film will be released digitally and on DVD on December 7.

“The Crocodile of Gold” was co-produced by Temple, Johnny Depp, Stephen Duterte and Stephen Malitt, and features Ralph Steedman animations, new interviews and previously unreleased archive materials.

In terms of content, the film is about McGowan’s childhood in Ireland and his years in the role scene in London. He also deals with Shane’s “passion, humor, music, history, spirituality, and pop culture”, which is why the documentary “Vision of the World through the Great Poet Poet’s Eye” [ist]”As the film narrates:

The film is a vision of the world through the eyes of the great poet, close friends, family and close actors, all of which travel through the exemplary and eternally vibrant lens of the temple.

Here is the trailer of the movie:

After the audience admitted at a press screening that it was difficult to understand Shane in the film, it has now been confirmed that there will also be a version with subtitles.

The director admitted to Temple Media that McGowan’s “strange mix of Irish and English” is difficult to understand and that his spoken voice is “acquired hearing”. However, subtitling was not his decision, but the decision of the film distributor.

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