Music: Why Harry Vijnavord Sings Now A Hit – Entertainment

Music: Why Harry Vijnavord Sings Now A Hit - Entertainment

Wijenward says he and his wife – who owns a women’s boutique in Luddinghausen – are passionate travelers. As far as singing: he is not ashamed at all. His motto was “Sing in the studio”. “I’ve never been a badass.” In the past he often sang Irish and English folk tales. Also: “I can do six chords on a guitar.”

Anyone who examines the complete works of Vijnavard will realize that “Wind in the Face” was not his first step towards music. There are solo recordings and an entire album from 1996 onwards. Even then, it was about a kind of wanderlust, because the title was “Ole Mallorca, we’re coming.” However, as a lyricist, VisionWord was far more offensive than it is today. One song is titled “Women’s Choice in the Arena” and the other is “Yes, Grandma Wants to Go to Palma”. It was the 90s.

“It was basically my last work,” Wizward says. “Wind in the Face”, written for him by Cologne composer Jഗrgen Tribal, could not be considered his last hit. “It’s still to come,” Wignard said. “Less!”, “More!” And “50!” Roar.

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