Music Festival, Wendred Isoire … What awaits you to start the summer in Isoire (Pui-de-Deem)

Fête de la musique, Vendred

Music Festival at Animatics on June 21st

Due to health constraints, a traditional concert cannot be held in the Place de la Republic. “We reluctantly abandoned the idea and thought of a Plan B,” said Alric Broner, the deputy in charge of culture. Meet the two groups at the Animatis Green Theater. 8:30 pm to 9:20 pm Creeps over cabin from 9:40 pm to 10:30 pm. The gauge will be limited to 220 locations, with one entry and one exit, a very sophisticated device to set up in the Place de la Republic.

See you on July 2 for Isoir’s Fridays

Wendy’s Isour attracts thousands of people every week. Collect photo

The Wendred Isoire, which was canceled last summer, is back. Every Friday from July 2 to August 27 from 7:30 pm, the event features concert halls, night markets, active terraces, and of course theme meetings, in which associations and merchants attend.

Returns Friday, July 2 to August 27 (Pui-de-Dem)

The launch of L’Yssoirienne’s translation version of “Couir à Issoire, Les Retrouvailles” will also take place on July 2 at 8pm at the 5km Hall of Fame Oaks. This evening will see the opening of the Unpiece Unfilm Film Festival and an open air film screening for all audiences and a concert with the participation of the Orchestra de Harmony d’Aglo Pace de Isoir. Bookstore. A holiday dedicated to “Holidays Long” will be held on July 9th. A special trade meeting will be held every Friday at 16 and then every Friday.

Fidem will walk

See you on July 20th.

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It will take place July 20-25 at the Place de la Montagen. No parades this year, but aperitifs – with music, of course! – Offers will be offered at 6.30pm and concerts from 9pm throughout the week of the festival. Fifteen groups such as the Ktipietok Orkestar, Les Gitans du Rajasthan or the Slan Irish Dance Company will travel to Isoir.

Izoir International Dance and World Music Festival will not disappear (August 2020)

“Everything is French, but it’s good enough to go with salsa, Indian and Irish music. , Explains Christoph Jacob, president of the association.

What about July 14th?

At present, the government has not given any specific instructions regarding the organization of fireworks and other festivals, but the city of Izouri and its donor are ready. “We’m waiting for that!” », Smiled Mari Pojolat.

as well as. July 7 at 6.30pm at the Maison des Jeans de Izour and Thursday, July 8 at 6.30pm Parent: Show. Mr. Croupus, forward utopia Gravitation Company. From the age of 12. Sow birth.
Friday, July 16 at 6 pm Animatis Green Theater, Hip-Hop Dance Show, Perception Calligraphy by Company Supreme Legacy. In collaboration with Aglo Pace de Isoir, Izoir became part of the city’s summer. സ entry ജന്യ പ്രവേശനം.

Mariel Bastide

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