Music by Etilist, known at the Predapio event in Forley

Music by Etilist, known at the Predapio event in Forley

After being sold out on August 10 at the San Domenico Arena in Forley, Saturday, February 26th At the Municipal Theater in Predapio, the Forley Group returned at popular demand Ethyl notes “Dongka” is a musical show about Irish heritage and Romagna folklore with a focus on Italian lyric writing. The concert lineup will include unpublished excerpts from works by Annalisa Licata (vocals) written and edited by musicians Filippo Barucci (guitar) and Arlo Senseni (violin).

On stage, the trio will be joined by a number of artists and musicians who have collaborated on the project, including Luis Vazquez on flute, Daniel Cassade on percussion, Marco Bonfiglioli on piano and accordion, Marco Ciancaglini, Marco Tasani and Laura Secini. Musical fragments of “Dongka” bring to life a new album that tells of a not-so-distant past, nostalgia and memory. As childhood places, hilly areas, and our hills become the venues of village festivals and rituals associated with the agricultural calendar, the passing of the seasons becomes a metaphor for human life, a sign of urgency and a necessary devotion. Laws of nature. Among the many songs in the Italian language, the title track of the project’s proud “Dongka” has a respectable place and is sung entirely in Romagna. In this sentence, the protagonist is a young farmer. The very mysterious “Burdela Mora”, met on a cold November day.
The well-known atheists in “Dongka” are inspired by legends and love songs, ancient labyrinths that resonate in the hill forests and tell us about forgotten stories.
At the end of the evening, “1920” will be performed, a song that tells the story of Italy between two wars, with the end opening up hopes for a better future.

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For information and reservations You can contact us at 339/7097952 – 347/9458012 – 0543/1713530 or write to

According to the valid DL, only those over the age of 12 with a “Super Green Pass” (vaccination certificate and / or recovery from Kovid-19) will be admitted.
In addition, FPP2 type masks must be worn throughout the stay in the theater, except for children under 6 years of age.

A Brief History of Known Atheists
Etilisti Notti, a music group, was born in 2012 out of a passion for Italian and international folk music. Emilia Romagna’s musical journey is based on her experience on the field, first in local pubs and clubs, arriving in a short time to attend concerts and events across the country. The band has been mastering Irish music for years. The first album of 2018, “Rovra”, is a work in search of Irish voices, which will lead the group to perform on festival stages across Italy in the same years, including the Bunden Celtic Festival in Ferrara, Italy. During the summer of 2018, Fuocchi de Taranis (Monterencio), Brintal Folk Festival (Sismon del Gropa), Droidia (Csenatico) and three others (Arlo Senseni on violin, Philip Barucci with acoustic guitar on acoustic guitar and close associates with Analisa Licata on vocal music) Research between: Romagna. Here are the first unpublished works: Disc 2021 ” Donga ”, in addition to the Italian lyrics, deepens the concept of root music and uses the Romagna language in the search for archetypes that reinforce this hybridization. . Among the many concerts, we remember the event that took place at the Arena Day Museum San Domenico in the summer of 2021, in which more than 20 artists and collaborators from all over Italy took to the stage.

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