Mushrooms should not be eaten

New Food Alert, pay attention to this particular product: if we have purchased anything, we must bring it back to the store.

Mushrooms (Source: Pixabay)

Unfortunately, sometimes the possibility of using the food we buy is not ours. We checked the expiration dates, maybe even the quality of the product, but sometimes, there is something that motivates us to bring everything back. In Italy, there are many cases that we are going to take care of and require a lot of attention.

In this case, it’s the buyers Mushrooms. Obviously, we talk a lot about a particular brand, because sometimes, even the first tests are “punctured” by something dangerous. It happened A few weeks ago a cheese Now we are back with the same concerns.

Warning: Food warning

Callback for Food Warning It’s always in the corner. That’s why you should always go and see news like this today. Food that should not be eaten, this time could end up on your desk, so the only solution is to put it on paper and bring it back.

Be careful if you buy from an organic supermarket chain Naturalness. In fact, yes, a few hours ago a notice was published about the recall of some edible mushrooms, which means we could have bought them already. This is approx Shiitake mushrooms, Of the brand Arc natural recipe. The withdrawn product is sold in a 40 gram pack.

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In the recalled diet, the presence of elements not mentioned on the label was noted: Sulfites. All warnings have an expiration date: 31/08/22 E 30/11/22. We urge you not to use these products and above all to be careful not to place them on the table for any guests. In fact, consumers who are allergic to sulfites may experience side effects. Those who have already purchased this product, in addition to not having to consume it, are requested to bring it back to the point of purchase where it was purchased. There, the suspicious mushroom will be returned or replaced.

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