Murphy and Randolph shine in Ireland

Murphy and Randolph shine in Ireland

Wicklow basketball players Lorkan Murphy and Neil Randolph helped Ireland to victory at last week’s FIBA ​​Small Nations Championship on the National Basketball Court.

Like last Tuesday’s win against Andorra, Bray’s Murphy scored 21 points as he won Sunday’s title 97-66 against Malta.

Between these two games, Ireland played San Marino and Gibraltar, with Murphy playing 11, Randolph 10 and Gibraltar 10 and 7 against San Marino as Mark Keane’s team-mates.

In the opening match against Andorra, Lorraine Murphy scored from a corner kick in the first 10 seconds. After that, Gillem leveled the streak through Colom, and since then Ireland have been ahead all the time.

Newcomer Will Hanley scored his first points for Ireland with a suspension in the first quarter, scoring seven points in the first 10 minutes. Murphy and Carroll finished fourth with seven runs, giving Ireland a 29-23 lead.

Ireland had a 12-point lead in just three minutes in the second quarter, but regained two top three-point headers from a 19-point lead in the second half.

Griffith College Temple Murphy sinks 10 point lead 46-36. Carol came up with a dive two minutes before half time when he led the baseline 52-41 and scored an extra point from the free-throw line after a foul. Murphy’s deployment was the final point of the match, with Mark Keane’s team leading 57-45 in the first half.

Ireland continued to score in the third quarter, with Jordan Blount’s penalty kick opening the 17 – point lead in three minutes at 71-54. Andorra’s hat-trick kept them in the game, with another from Bruno Bartolomew dropping to 78-60 in the final quarter at the end of the quarter.

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Andorra was caught in the match, but Sean Floyd put Ireland ahead 87-69 in a superb set quarter. It was a typical energetic performance from Murphy, who drowned him out within two minutes of seeing the muscle delight at 93-77.

Lorraine Murphy’s reaction after the game was: “I wanted to finish the game strongly through contact, I didn’t get any more malicious calls, so I thought I had to work hard on the sidelines, and it happened.”

Neil Randolph scored three points and a free throw in the final, while Ireland won two of their last two games with a 107-59 victory over San Marino.

The talented team had a 50-point victory over Gibraltar, meaning a win over Malta on Sunday would have given Ireland the title, the only team not to lose before, Malta and Andorra 93-74 on Saturday.

Sean Flood was Ireland’s top scorer with 19 points with a 70% field goal conversion rate. Adrian O’Sullivan was one of the best players of the night with nine points, two rebounds, two assists and one theft.

Ireland got off to a great start in the first moments with a three-point shot from John Carroll. In the middle of the first quarter, Ireland opened 17-2 after a corner kick by Will Hanley.

Neil Randolph’s three-point shot went 28-12 in the space of two minutes to end the first quarter. Gibraltar coach Adam Casaglia was also disqualified for a foul, and was sent off by the referees after returning to the locker room for two technical errors. , The rest of the game is missing. Undaunted by the off-screen drama, Randolph added an extra point. Ireland were 31-14 at the end of the quarter.

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Adrian O’Sullivan was picked in the second quarter and missed some excellent attempts. Ireland’s offensive defense was creating chances and Will Hanley’s round gave Jordan Blount an easy chance to take a 44-25 lead in five minutes. Kieran Roe explained that when Nicolas Garcia tried to block a three-point shot at the bell, a strong defensive determination was just before the billboards fell. Roy’s efforts paid off, Garcia failed in his attempt, and Ireland went 57-28 in the first half.

John Carroll and Lorraine Murphy illuminated Ireland in the third quarter and Ireland continued to dominate, taking an 83-46 lead in the final quarter.

Ireland did not back down in the fourth quarter, with Sean Flood scoring their 100th goal and a superb three-point shot from the streak. Three more points came from the flood, which ended in a 113-63 victory.

The same was true of the final against Malta on Sunday. Murphy and Randolph took the lead again, with Randolph jumping three points in the final minutes to give Ireland a 97-66 victory.

“Fantastic, very happy,” said Ireland manager Mark Keenan. “We had another great performance tonight. I know it was a little messy in the second half, but we had a comfortable lead. I think they all sacrificed minutes for the good of the team, that’s how we won the championship and the rest of my teams are absolutely amazing.

When asked about winning a tournament with a manager and a player, Keenan added: “This is not realistic. Two thousand fans were delighted to be here, but it does not detract from this overall effect, and I think this team needs to move forward now. I think we showed the basketball ball in Ireland and we should be on the next level.

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Ireland: CJ Fulton (5), Sierra Rowe (5), Kyle Hosford (2), Sean Flood (16), Lorcan Murphy (10), Neil Randolph (3), Adrian O’Sullivan (7) and Jordan Blount (17). ), Owen Quigley (1), Will Hanley (7), John Carroll (20) and Jason Keelan (4).

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