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Munster’s Ben Healy scored the decisive kick for the second week in a row

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Munster 25 Edinburgh 23

Not to be outdone last week to the Scarlett, it was more impressive than the best, more ball than beautiful, but Monster’s victory over Edinburgh will give the hosts great satisfaction.

Missing about 10 or 11 front-liners, forced to add new combinations together over the weekend and especially the inexperienced 9-10-12-13 axis, Munster found a way to dig deeper into trademark fashion and succeed again. In the process, they have already defeated two of their main rivals in Conference B.

The Irish province’s back play and running game were not so important again, their wingers did not see the ball, and there were times when they stuck, Andrew Conway’s try-save, perhaps not a match-saving tackle.

But mainly strong resistance, especially in the second half, has great energy in everything they do, and the real energy and the ballast from the bench keeps them in the game. Then, the end game came, and in a time-honored manner they relied on their pack to build muscle for the CJ standard and for the second week in a row Ben Healy to land the decisive kick, increasing his conversion from seven to six penalties.

Thaddeus Byrne and Rice Marshall had great games on a bunch of forwards, and they struggled with every sign and the active Craig Casey caught the attention again. For Edinburgh, it missed a big opportunity. Suddenly they can’t buy a win. This is the fifth consecutive defeat.

This is the second start for the 21-year-old academy out of Tholfe Healy, who led Glenstale to their first Munster Schools Senior Cup three years ago, with their first defeat in Edinburgh a year ago.

Helpfully, Monster and their young No. 10 got off to a great start. Healy opened the scoring when James Ritchie scored a trademark penalty off the standard ball as he tried to hold on, and the second was desperate to cross the next line-at. Two minutes later Jeremy Lofman locked the ball and added the best penalty from 45 yards out.

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Munster’s fast line speed and aggressive tackling ensured the pitch had better defensive sets, but let’s just say that within 22 yards they were more inactive, which caused the tackles to soak.

While the Edinburgh Arrow was still at Infield at an angle, Stuart McNally crossed into the unmanned fringe defense but the attack was reversed by a refreshing-lock Grant Gilchrist range next to the limit.

Even so, after Stander received a slightly harsher penalty for having a second nibble that never came out, Edinburgh stepped into the lineup. Richie picked up the ball from Mall, but Jaco van der Walt and George Taylor defended newcomer Alex McHenry as the ball bounced off Mark Bennett.

Jack O’Donoghue made an attempt when Damien Highland fell and slipped on Casey’s kick. Healy pushed Munster forward with a third penalty from WP Nell’s ball.

Conway will miss an opportunity when Rory Scannell’s good pass is taken on the lineside touchline and cut into acres within Edinburgh 22. But he decided to snatch the ball and it caught too hard into the half volley infield. Last Defender, Highland.

Instead, after Mike Haley failed miserably in handling the high ball, Highland got the better of the touch. Edinburgh knelt again. Monster’s defense was behind, and WP Nell thwarted the efforts of John Ryan and Marshall.

Even so, Casey defeated four players in the 35-meter run, reducing Baker’s fox strength and Healy Munster’s deficit to two points.

Within seven minutes of the resumption, Taylor was careful to extend Edinburgh’s lead after Duhan van der Merwe had run through Van der Vault ‘s hanging cross kick. He was fired by Nick Heining. But he was dragged down a meter from behind. Conway, Marshall, all the people, had come to complete the turnover.

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Van der Vault added three points after being selected as O’Donoghue’s offside, but Sniping Casey McKinnell put up a good defense after the Highlands were completely out – yet he failed to do so. In any case, Healy dropped his fifth penalty.

Shortly afterwards, Dan Gogin went halfway through the left boot, making a welcome comeback after a long absence, tackling Highland well before coming off the Healing side, looking for a standard turnover.

In Edinburgh, now that Nigel Owens had received a clear warning, van der Vault was binned for a seat belt heli and Munster was ejected from the front.

But out Tholfe overcame a Gruber on his own, and Darcy defeated Abraham O’Donoghue and Gog. When O’Donoghue was binned for a dangerous tackle, Bennett put Edinburgh ahead and did not return when Healy lost the fox ‘s best performance as a substitute for James Cronin.

In contrast, Gavin Cumbus ignored Owens’ warning that he was in front of the kicker, and Van der Vault’s 45m penalty gave Edinburgh five points.

However, Monster decided to go upwards for five minutes from time, found the Healy Touch five meters away from the 10 meter line, and turned back to Route One. Byrne’s take off, the Munster pack kept it to itself, nine picks and jams and a one – time strategy for deviation showing extraordinary leg power in the standard, with Cronin trying to get him to the line.

From about 15 meters to the right of the posts, Healy put his former miss behind to give the nails for the transition.

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After Bennett’s knockout in Edinburgh’s last attack, Connor Murray showed off his experience without a box kick. Healy kicked the ball after a bad scream.

Scoring range4 minutes: Healy Pen 3-0; 6 minutes Healy Pen 6-0; 13 minutes Try Bennett, van der Vault Conn 6-7; 20 minutes Healy Pen 9-7; 30 Minutes Van der Vault 9-14 in the attempt; 40 (+1) minutes Healy pen 12-14; (Half time 12-14); 50 minutes Healy Pen 15-17; 58 minutes: Healy Pen 18-17; 67 minutes: Bennett Pen 18-20; 74 minutes: Van der Vault pen 18-23; 77 minutes: Standard Tri, Healy Cone 25-23.

Monster: Mike Haley, Andrew Conway, Alex McHenry, Rory Scannell, Matt Gallagher; Ben Healy, Craig Casey; Jeremy Lofman, Rice Marshall, John Ryan; Finn Wicherley, Thaddeus Byrne; Jack O’Donoghue, Tommy O’Donnell, CJ Standard (Captain).

Substitutes: John Hodnett (31 minutes) for O’Donnell, McHenry Dan Dan Gogin (50 minutes), James Cronin (54 minutes) for Loughman, Gavin Comps for Witcherly (61 minutes), Marshall Kevin O’Byrne, Connor Murray Casey (63 minutes). ), Ryan Roman Salanova (72 minutes).

Edinburgh: Damien Highland; Darcy Abraham, Mark Bennett, George Taylor, Duhan van der Merwe; Jaco van der Vault, Nick Groom; Rory Sutherland, Stuart McNally (co-captain), WP Nell; Ben Toolis, Grant Gilchrist (co-captain); Jamie Richie, Hamish Watson, Nick Heining. Substitutes: Andrew Davidson (31 mins) for Gilchrist, Pierre Showman (51 mins) for Sutherland, Simon Bergan (68 mins) for Nemine, and Mike Willems (70 mins) for McNally. Sinbind: Van der Vault (58-68 minutes),

Referee: Nigel Owens (WRU)

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