Municipalities in New York are in trouble following a counting error during primary

Municipalities in New York are in trouble following a counting error during primary

The municipal election in New York seems to be in trouble. Officials admitted that during the Democratic primary, the next mayor miscalculated 135,000 extra ballots in addition to the 800,000 votes that should have come up.

On Tuesday, the city’s election office released preliminary results showing former police officer Eric Adams was 9 points ahead of his nearest rival, Catherine Garc‌a, by neck and neck, with 49 percent of the vote, according to correspondence before the poll.

After a few hours, the results are withdrawn and the office a “Difference” In number. He said he forgot to remove from the number of test reports used to ensure the proper functioning of the system.

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Officials apologized for this “Wrong” He said the test reports were removed from their new number without publishing the updated preliminary results.

A new voting system

The defeat caused a stir in New York, where the election office was already gaining popularity, with frequent allegations of incompetence and laziness.

“This is a mistake (…) This is not only the failure to count the votes properly, but also the result of the failures of generations that have never been dealt with.Progressive candidate Maya Wiley, who came in second on the strength of the first preliminary results published on Election Night on June 22, tweeted.

The failure echoes as New York is experimenting for the first time with a new voting system called the “preferential” vote.«Rank Choice», In English), allowing up to five names to appear on a single ballot listed in order of preference.

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During the counting of votes, the candidate with the lowest rank in the total ballots is excluded and he is now considered the second choice of the voters who came first. The process is repeated until a candidate reaches 50% of the vote.

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