Movies from Eastern Europe: Wars and Their Signs

Movies from Eastern Europe: Wars and Their Signs

As an forum for Eastern European cinema, the Cotbus Film Festival showcases current productions and a number of special programs.

The whole movie rocks: 17-year-old Sofia Staffiz in the movie “Jack Najdalej Stud” Photo: Forum Film Poland

Ola ran through the driver check for the third time. Her father, who earns money for the family in Poland, Ireland, offered her a car as soon as she got her driving license. Ola lives with her mother and disabled brother in Warsaw. To make money, Ola works in a car wash. The car and her father’s visit to Ireland is Ola’s plan to get out of the narrowness of her own life.

But then I got a call from Ireland: My father was killed in an accident at work. Ola goes to Ireland in search of clues and finds recruitment agencies, subcontractors and ana of formal contracts. Piotr Domolevsky “As Najdalej Stud” (“I Never Cry”) Polish worker looks at immigration to Ireland in detail. Leading actress Sophia Stafiz makes her screen debut. “I Never Cry” is a film from this year’s Cotbus Film Festival that runs online for a week until the end of the month.

The festival in Cte d’Ivoire is one of the central forums of Eastern European cinema in Germany. Every year since 1991 the festival presents a selection of current productions, as well as focal points and theme events of the country. The selection of festival online selections is huge. In addition to the competitions, there is a program focusing on the country in the spectrum, Russian, Polish and Czech films, focusing on the twists and turns of the 1990s, and the effects on Eastern Europe, and a program on World War II from an Eastern European perspective.

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Two of the Russian films dealt with captivity at the Dubrovka Theater in Moscow in 2002, when Chechen separatists wanted to force the withdrawal of Russian troops. Events in Alexei A. Petrukhin describes “Final trial” As a thriller, Ivan I. Tordovsky recorded the events “Conference” Performs a previous review. At the heart of Tverdovsky’s film is Natasha, a nun who survived an assassination attempt. Daughter Galya is also one of the survivors. When Natasha organizes a memorial service, the conflict between mother and daughter comes to light. The focus of the film is on a memorial service where events are revived in the voices of contemporary witnesses.

The Film Festival Cottbus It runs until December 31. These movies can be streamed 24 hours a day for 3. 3.99.

The theme of World War II opens up a very complex picture of the wars and the scars they left behind. Lithuanian director Georgius Matulevicius takes on the story of the massacre of Jews in Cana una. An imaginary film shoot from the 1960s marks the beginning of a story of oppression and opportunism. Andrzej Viniszewski goes “Unforgettable Stories” Looking for clues in the small Polish town of Tresabil.

In addition to current movies, there are some classics: Milo Horbichs “Free country”, Filmed shortly after the end of the war in Westprignitz. Alexander Ford “Piervsky Dean Wolnowski” (“First Day of Independence”), A portrait of a family of German doctors who did not flee to the West at the end of the war. Michael Calatoso Super Classic “Letyat Suravali” (“Craniche Sihen” die)Superheroic Soviet movies of the time are compared to individual tones. The festival website has an intelligent and insightful conversation with writer and curator Barbara Worm about Kaladosov’s film.

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The Cotbus Film Festival highlights the gap in online film life due to the widespread lack of Eastern European cinemas. Every opportunity should be used to observe these rich and diverse film countries. An online festival is a great opportunity for this.

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