Movies and series to watch in May on Prime Video: The Godfather Trilogy, a thriller with Zac Efron, a documentary about a great champion … – Actus Cine

Movies and series to watch in May on Prime Video: The Godfather Trilogy, a thriller with Zac Efron, a documentary about a great champion ... - Actus Cine

In May, see what you like about Prime Video! Among The Godfather, superheroes Batman and Wonder Woman, the timeless Bertrand Blair collection and some of the best comedies, this month’s releases are promising!


Godfather 1, 2, 3 – Sunday, May 1st

The Godfather Trilogy is one of the most important stories in the history of cinema. Fifty years after the release of the first Opus in 1972, its effect remains the same. We’re pleased to see or rediscover for the first time these classics that won Al 9 Pacino’s performance, revealing his talent to the whole world, transforming Marlon Brando into a more real old murderer than nature … Oscar.

For those who lost this monument to the seventh art of Francis Ford Coppola, it tells the story of the Corleone family who ruled over organized crime in New York. Michael’s ascendant as head of the family, constant battles with rival races … bloodshed and 3-piece suits can be seen in this family fresco, available in prime video from May 1st. The third part is the latest version of “Director’s Cut” with redesigned editing and rhythm.

Gold – Monday, May 9th

When Zac Efron and Anthony Hayes cross the desert and see a gold nugget. A very large gold nugget. The problem is that it weighs hundreds of kilograms and is very large. It is impossible to recover it with bare hands. The decision is made: one goes back to setting itself up and the other continues to keep it. The experiment begins amid harsh weather and endangered species.

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Gold turns out to be a miracle with a simple but fun storyline: How far is a frustrated man willing to go for greed? Is he willing to die for not giving up the loot worth millions? Gold turns its head in this minimalist thriller on May 9 in Prime Video.


Goodfellows – Sunday, May 1st

In 1990, Martin Scorsese signed one of his iconic paintings, Les Afranchis. Henry Ray Liotta plays an Italo-Irish boy from Brooklyn who dreams of becoming a gangster. Built on the classic “rise and fall” scheme, we see the rise and fall of the New York Mafia within its hero. If we quickly notice some similarities with the Godfather, the treatment is more modern, crude and violent. A great movie classic, you can watch it on Prime Video from May 1st.

The Wilds – Season 2 – Friday, May 6th

Following the success of the first season of 2020, the Wilds Series returns to the second season. In these new episodes, find Leah, Shelby, Rachel, Tony and other survivors of the plane crash. If they’re not the only ones learning … watch the Prime Video on May 6 to find out what’s next.

Yani Noah, The Meaning of Success – Friday, May 20th

May is also the beginning of Roland-Garros! A chance to find out a little more about Noah, a tennis legend. The only Frenchman to ever win the most prestigious clay court tournament of the modern age still reveals himself in an exclusive documentary. From May 20, you will have no secrets about his great career.

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To the Stars – Season 1 – Friday, May 20th

Retired couple discovered years ago, buried under their garden, a violation of space-time passage to a desert planet. Taking advantage of the darkness, they enter the gate every evening to enjoy the beauty of this lunar landscape. But the arrival of a mysterious man in their lives will question everything … On May 20, meet JK Simmons and Sissy Spoisek for the beautiful cosmic and sentimental legend Toward the Stars.

Clap films for the month of May

Like a mother, like a daughter – Sunday, May 1st

Waldo – Monday, May 2

Miss – Monday 16th May

La French – Monday, May 30

All Prime Video Program for May 2022

Magnum PI – Season 2 – Sunday May 1st

Wonder Woman – Dimanche 1r My

Welcome Home – Dimanche 1er mai

City of Fear – Sunday, May 1st

Heel Love – Sunday, May 1st

Vox Lux – Sunday, May 1st

Batman starts – Sunday, May 1st

Before you – Sunday, May 1st

Lining – Sunday, May 1st

MR73 – Sunday, May 1st

How to kill his boss? (1st and 2nd) – Sunday, May 1st

Bertrand Blair Collection: Father-in-law – Our Story – My Man – Evening Wear – One, Two, Three, Sun – Hitler, Don’t Know! – Very Beautiful to You – Thanksgiving Life – Calmos – Cold Buffet – Sunday, May 1st

Original – Seasons 1-5 – Wednesday, May 4th

Bosch: Legacy – Season 1 – Friday, May 6th

Children – Friday, May 6th

Long live France – Friday 13th May

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Watch out for Liso’s Big Grills – Season 1 – Wendy 13 May

Bang Bang Baby – Season 1, Part 2 – Thursday, May 19th

Emergency – Wendy 27 May

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