Movies and “Mind Maps” Hard work is not boring, but inspiring

Movies and "Mind Maps" Hard work is not boring, but inspiring

Any e-platforms Applications help Excellent in mathematics

Education 4.0 is a joint venture between Vivacom and 24 Chasa for the digital transformation of primary and secondary education.
The project aims to promote the benefits of digitization of Bulgarian schools through technology, new teaching methods and appropriate content in a secure virtual environment.

New technologies bring big changes in the school – in the learning process and in the classroom. Digital resources are a completely new tool. Tasks can now be illustrated like never before, lessons become more fun and knowledge and skills are easier to learn.

In a previous post, we talked about electronic platforms that help in the field of mathematics – lessons are as important as difficult for some students in today’s increasingly technological world. Here are some of the most interesting and interesting resources in the field of mathematics.

The Bulgarian online learning platform has 21,000 video lessons in all areas of education from 1 to 12 Study It exists in the form of a website and a mobile application. The program of the Ministry of Education and Science directly follows the lessons. There is a game element that suggests to students

Collect points

With which

Raise the levels

With its help and the overall design of the project, one of the most difficult subjects for most students – math, becomes a fun game for educational purposes.

Part of the game’s platform is daily missions. They are small plow-integrated games that challenge players in the form of tasks surrounding the respective student class. As each task is solved, he progresses in history and collects points.

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The lessons are created with the help of eminent teachers from across the country. The screenwriters make them as fun as the original movies.




Not only do we solve problems, we motivate, children are not good enough to learn material, they have to have fun and like math, they are usually afraid, said Darin Madjarov, founder of UC, “24 Chasa”.

He said he videotaped all the math lessons in grades 1 through 12 from the program of the Ministry of Education and Science at and then conducted a test. The lessons are compatible with all textbooks. After entering the platform, the student selects the textbook for the specific publisher.

Recently, in addition to the test lessons, they also have a revision section in which what is learned is systematically integrated.

There are also special videos on for post-4th, 7th, 10th exams and 12th class Mathura exams. They created lessons for groups 3 and 4 in pre-school preparation. These are over a thousand lessons, said Darin Madjarov.

Students who do an external assessment in mathematics have all the necessary lessons available, and have past exams to test their knowledge and get acquainted with the form of the exam. For the fourth class – Lessons for numbers, measurements and numbers. For the seventh class – Algebra, figures and bodies are elements of probability and statistics. For the tenth class – Basic combinatorial concepts, vectors, triangle, trapezoid, square root, quadratic equations, circle, logical expressions, inscribed and described polygons, classical probabilities, functions, equations, similar triangles, logical inequalities, metric. And students from Twelfth class They have everything you need for algebra, combinatorics, probabilities, statistics and geometry.

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You test, if you make a mistake, you can watch the video with a single click, where the exception is explained. After the lesson and exam, there is already a discussion. It’s like a mind map that contains everything important from the text, says Darin Madjarov.

For example, the first math lesson in seventh grade reminds students of the most important things they need to know at this point about a circle and a circle: the definition of a circle, the formula for the length and circle of a circle, the face of a circle, and so on. After the lesson, the discussions take the form of a “mind map” – an image in which the information learned is associated with arrows, inscriptions, and pictures. Finally, the exam in the form of 15 tasks finally helps the students to consolidate what they have learned.

Similarly, in a lesson for the second grade, children learn with the help of a number of interesting tasks

How to compare


21 to 100,

As well as the smallest and largest two-digit numbers.

If we look Mobile applications In the field of education in mathematics, it is one of the greatest projects implemented in recent years Photomoth. With the help of artificial intelligence, the program recognizes a mathematical problem from a photo and provides answers and solutions. All you have to do is point your camera at your phone and scan it. The application provides a solution to the primary addition and subtraction problems and complex integrated equations. There are other popular alternatives – Microsoft Math Solver, Mathway, Simbolab, Gautham, It offers comprehensive solutions to problems, graphs of equations, and statistical data recognition.

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It is one of the largest overseas study platforms Udemi. In it, students can find paid and free English courses for each specific category of mathematics and many other subjects. Is another such platform XDX, However, it is thematic student based and contains thousands of courses from some of the best universities in the world, including Harvard and MIT.

There are also many mobile apps for the youngest students, which motivate children to solve addition, subtraction and comparison tasks such as the Android app in the form of colorful and fun games – Math children. (24 hours)

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