Move the snoop dog backwards against the “wap” backlash

Move the snoop dog backwards against the “wap” backlash

Snoop Dogg has reiterated that he supports women rappers following the latest references to “Wap”.

When Cardi B and Megan Fire Stallion’s Colab was released in August, it caused a great deal of controversy, and it seems the drama is not over. The sexually explicit lyrics were criticized by politicians and political commentators alike, while Silo Green commented that the lyrics of the song might be a little over the top.

Since its release, “Wap” has dominated the charts, inspiring its own Tic Tac Toe Challenge and making it to several “Best of 2020” lists, but the controversy continues, with Snoop Dogg now on the scene.

During an interview with Central Highway, Snoop shared his thoughts on how Wap broke this secret when talking about female anatomy. His comments naturally backfired, and in Silo’s opinion, men’s hypocrisy is clearly stated but the same right is not given to female rappers.

In response, the rapper wrote on Instagram, “Drop it like it’s hot.” Stop with the bull *** Press. I like Cardi B and Megan. The musical period is empty and they know they don’t have the full support of the women’s MC movement, so stop trying to hate me. ”

Offset was one of Snoop’s critics, and he certainly married Cardi. Despite being a fan of Snoop, the Migos rapper told TMZ that male rappers are not a fan of telling their female opponents what content to include. “As rappers, we talk about the same s ***. Men can’t talk about women – they are very powerful, first and foremost, ”Offset said.

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Cardi B and Megan Fire Stallion have not yet commented.

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