Mount Khashoggi, Renzi clarification request. Democratic Party Attack: “Explain Your Relations with Saudi Arabia”

Mount Khashoggi, Renzi clarification request.  Democratic Party Attack: "Explain Your Relations with Saudi Arabia"

Matteo Renzi He should clarify his relationship with the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia Muhammad bin Salman And terminate its association with the Future Investment Organization Foundation. TO Raise the controversy again Evidence that the US government published the CIA report Intervention of the Saudi Prince In the murder of the Washington Post reporter Jamal KhashogThe. Matteo Renzi said the relationship with Saudi Arabia and the great Crown Prince would be clarified after the crisis. He has not said anything yet, but has thought about it. Joe Biden. What is being made clear now is not a matter of chance, but of the national interest, ”wrote a former southern minister and Democratic Party leader. Pepe Provencano.

Democratic Party: “Renzi Explains Your Relations with Saudi Arabia”

Request for clarification shared with party comrade and vice president of dem deputies, Michelle Bordeaux. “Even if he is still convinced that a new renaissance is taking place in Saudi Arabia and that the prince is its interpreter, I do not think so. I do not think so. It’s useful for a senator in the Republic to really clarify his relationship. ” And Dem Gianni Cuperlo He added on Facebook: “Once the government crisis is over, Renzi has announced that he will offer the reasons for his initiative. It is appropriate that he should do so. As soon as possible ”

Attack by M5S and Italian Left

Even Five Stars Movement The former prime minister is under pressure. Gianluca Ferrara, Commemorates the assassination of Khashoggi, leader of the Senate Foreign Commission: “Things worthy of a dark Middle Ages other than the Renaissance. Giuseppe Conte Farnesina led Luigi de Mayo They blocked all arms sales to the same regime. Including the bombs used in Yemen, which Renzi decided to sell to Saudi Arabia in 2016.

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Even harsh criticism Nicola Fratoyani, Italian Undersecretary of the Left: “Renzi had promised to answer for his relationship with the government after the end of the government’s crisis, and that moment has come.

The base of the Saudi prince plays an important role in the life of his country. Renzi, a futures investment venture, is also on board, the heart of Mohammed bin Salman’s power, the showcase he built for the world. Created over a five-year period, the Davos Desert (as it is called) aims to bring to the world the most important players in the world’s economy and economy during this period, to convince the world of the new Saudi trend from Christine Largard to Masayoshi’s son:

It is governed by the sovereign investment fund PF, which is the long manus of the prince of the financial and international business world, and controls a large part of the Saudi economy. MBS has made some of its most important international announcements, from the fight against radical Islam to investing billions of dollars in Neom, the so-called city of the future. There is no other platform that the prince has used in the same way to present his image as a reformer for modernity and a different future for his country: it is no coincidence that this is where the role of Pariya is made clear by the prince himself. Khashoggi gained international acclaim after the assassination. In 2018, most of the guests left the event shortly after the journalist’s murder.

Amnesty International protest

Greens, meanwhile, are demanding clarity from Renzi. Amnesty International’s perspective is different. “It would be inappropriate to be invited to the international arena, which is a direct manifestation of the Saudi monarchy, and to remain silent about the human rights system,” said spokesman Ricardo Nouri. He adds: “It remains to be seen whether the behavior of” Italian governments with political and political ties to Saudi Arabia “can be further censored” on the scale of gravity. ” Weapons shipped until 2019 a A country at war with Yemen has participated in the organization of football matches such as the Virtual G20 or the Italian Super Cup. Journalists under attack “.

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