Mother’s Day in Ireland: How to Celebrate It?

Homme avec bouquet pour la Fête des mère

Unlike France, which celebrates Mother’s Day in May, and some other European countries (with a few exceptions), Mother’s Day in Ireland is celebrated in March, or more accurately on the fourth day. Sunday of the month, three weeks before Easter Sunday. In 2022, Mother’s Day will be celebrated on March 27 in Ireland.

We use this article to give you some ideas to make the most of the day with your family and celebrate this special day as it is. Forward to a day your mother will remember!

Buy your gift in advance

Don’t wait until Mother’s Day to buy a gift that will make your mom happy without finding the gift you have in mind! Our advice is to buy your gift in advance (keep it in a safe place if you share your house with mom!). The best gifts are often personal touches. We recommend personalized gifts for this Smart gift You can easily buy it online.

Enjoy the spring weather

After a long Irish winter, there is nothing like the warmer temperatures to enjoy walking outside. For example, if you are near Dublin, there are some very beautiful parks to visit in the Irish capital. Walking with your mother to a buccal place is often a great opportunity to relate to fond memories, for example.

If you have a car and need a longer tour, how do you follow one of our GETAWAY routes?

Houth, Dublin, Ireland.
Photo Credit: Adam Marcon

But the most important of these is not the destination or the place you are going to take, but the time you set aside for it.

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Your mother deserves a special meal

as well as Mother’s Day gift, Think of a special diet! After giving you so much food, it’s okay to give your mom a special lunch or dinner and give her blessing back with her favorite foods!

So of course the brave can go to the kitchen and prepare this dish themselves. An outing to the restaurant will delight mom who is taking the opportunity to wear the new clothes you have just given!

A good tip for finding restaurants is to visit Tripodvisor See the top 10 restaurants in your area. In addition to the information in the menu, it is always possible to read the comments of other users who have already visited the site. Again, this March day will be very popular, so book in advance!

Additional ideas to make your mom happy

If the weather is unfavorable and it rains (yes, it happens in Ireland!), There are many options for indoor programs: movie, theater, museum, and gallery visits.

But a little rest and relaxation is good for your mother’s physical and emotional health. What do you think about a session at the spa? There are so many of them in Ireland! Relaxing massages, refreshing facials, pedicures and manicures are perfect for pampering your mom on Mother’s Day. Also, we advise you Small idea If you are looking for beauty, fashion or health ideas.

Another relaxing way to spend time together is to watch a favorite movie or TV show.

Whether it’s playing board games, watching movies, or reminiscing about the fun times of yesteryear, make your mom the most important person in your life today. !

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