Most people believe that pandemic will get worse

Most people believe that pandemic will get worse

According to the latest Irish Times / Ipsos MRBI poll, the majority of people and only one-fifth of voters believe that the current restrictions will be too severe as the pandemic will get worse.

A clear majority (58 percent) say the government is “doing a good job” in dealing with the epidemic, but that number plummeted when the country reopened after the last vote in June.

The number of voters who say the government is “not doing a good job” rose from 9 percent in June to 36 percent.

Less than half (45 percent) of all voters say the current restrictions are “right”, while 21 percent say there are too many restrictions that “unnecessarily destroy business and the economy.” However, one-third (32 percent) of voters voted in favor of the additional restrictions, saying the current restrictions were not enough to “protect the health of the population.”

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