Most of the jewels stolen from the Dresden museum in late 2019 have been recovered

Most of the jewels stolen from the Dresden museum in late 2019 have been recovered

Three years after the spectacular theft of the Dresden museum, a comeback: A “substantial” part of the priceless stolen jewels has been recovered in Berlin, police and prosecutors announced on Saturday, amid the trial of the suspects.

This break-in at the Grüns Gewolbe (“Green Vault”) museum, a high-profile Saxon heritage site, fascinated people with its sophistication and loot, with more than €100 million looted at the end of 2019.

Investigators and police found 31 complete pieces or fragments in Berlin, Saxony’s capital, Dresden on Saturday night.

They include the diamond-encrusted “Breast Star of the Polish Order of the White Eagle” and the “Hat Jewel” with nearly 300 diamonds.

However, other pieces are missing, including a brooch belonging to Queen Amalie August of Saxony.

Trial Negotiations

The discovery comes after the January trial of six defendants, including two who were minors at the time of the attempted robbery.

Members of organized crime are suspected of breaking into a famous museum in the country’s eastern Baroque city of Dresden on November 25, 2019.

21 jewels were stolen with more than 4,300 diamonds, including one of 49 carats, with a total insured value of €113.8 million.

The robbery is still unsolved and the suspects have not spoken at trial.

However, thanks to “exploratory talks” between the defense and the prosecution, most of their catches were recovered for a possible settlement in this trial and the recovery of the loot that still exists.

Officials say there is no more on Saturday and that the case will be referred to the next hearing on Tuesday for new developments.

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The seized material was transferred from Berlin to Dresden under the protection of a special police force.

They should be examined separately by specialists in the art collections of Dresden who will check their authenticity and completeness.

The oldest museum in Europe has an unparalleled collection of treasures made of goldwork, precious stones, porcelain, ivory or amber sculptures, bronzes and vases set with precious stones.

Organized crime

The suspects, who were arrested in Berlin in November 2020 after months of videotapes and DNA analysis, belong to a criminal group known as the “Remmo Clan” of Lebanese origin, which is very active in Germany.

They are being sentenced separately for the crimes of “aggravated burglary in an organized gang” and “especially aggravated arson.”

They should serve 10 years in prison.

Prior to the crime, the miscreants had set fire to an electrical transformer near the museum to cut off the mains supply. Their vehicle was also set on fire.

Another forty people may be involved in this operation.

The “Remmo Clan” is based in the bohemian district of Neukölln, already famous for the 2017 theft of a giant 100-kilogram gold coin worth around €3.75 million from the Bode-Museum in Berlin. Suspicion dissolved.

Sentences have already been announced in this case, specifically against two defendants in the Dresden trial.

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