Most of all, expertise is “Made in Ireland”.

Most of all, expertise is "Made in Ireland".

In front of Socio-economic changes Stemming first from epidemics and later from geopolitical tensions, Insurance companies need to respond flexibly without sacrificing their financial strength. “The current context – he explains Hugo de GrenetHead of wealth protection d The most pan-European – Deduct the results of one Increasingly widespread regulationIn this A Cost escalation and consequence Reduction of margins. This has elevated one in this segment of wealth management Double requirement. First, that Continue to focus on our core business Controls the dynamics of costs. Second, it Respond to the challenges posed by generational change The current demographic and economic context has made it more and more complex.

The importance of trusting the right partner

Meeting this challenge requires proven expertise and a network of professionals capable of handling client needs. “For this reason – he explains Stefano CortoniStrategic Account Manager D’Atmost – Our group has decided to focus on Irish private insurance services designed for high net worth clients. Over time, the company grew through the creation of synergies and economies of scale, e Its expansion trajectory has been characterized by stability and sustainability over time“. Not coincidentally, 13 insurance companies took over the most Over the past six years, it has been integrating them into its network to improve its operational and commercial efficiency. “Ours is a long-term plan, reflecting the nature of our solutionstions. We are convinced that it is essential for the customer to know his future, no matter how distant. A company that is capable of growing while remaining financially sound can always be counted on At the same time capable of meeting the challenges of a world in constant evolution”.

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The numbers confirm the ambition The best group winsIt is currently being handled 72 billion in assets Serve e More than 560,000 customers worldwide. The US agency also recognized the strength of the Irish company FitchThat That IFS rating confirmed (Insurer Financial Strength) Al Gradino “A“E”A sustainable perspective“Even after the pandemic’s impact on the global economy. “We are one of the highest rated independent cross-border insurance companies internationally and have one of the highest solvency ratios among private insurance companies.“, adds de Grenet.

Advantages of Irish private insurance

Atmos chose not only to focus on unit-linked private insurance solutions, but also through its permanent reliance on Ireland.. European country “Today A A hub of primary importance in the world of private insurance Because it has certain special features that distinguish it from other insurance centers in continental Europe,” comments De Grenet. “First, With regard to tax aspectsIrish regulation provides an important advantage – not found in other European jurisdictionsAsset management and custody fees charged on policy funds are exempt from VAT. Secondly, from the point of view of asset protection Irish law gives policyholders an absolute right of first refusal over any other creditor of the company. Customer assets are also segregated from those of the company”. Finally, the consultant adds, “Ireland is a member of the European Union and is therefore subject to EU insurance directives: It ensures adherence to stringent capital requirements mandated by insurance companies Solvency II.

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