Moscow: “Kill all Ukrainian soldiers in Mariupol”. Kiev’s denial: “This is a lie.” Selensky is ready to end the talks

Moscow: "Kill all Ukrainian soldiers in Mariupol".  Kiev's denial: "This is a lie."  Selensky is ready to end the talks

The Ukrainian Defense Council called Moscow’s declaration of the arrest of Mariupol “wrong.” “The Russian Defense Ministry is spreading false news claiming that Mariupol was removed from the army by fighters from the Azov Regiment,” reads a note from the Ukrainian Anti-Information Center. “The Ukrainian army continues to defend Mariupol, but the Russian Defense Ministry has already reported that the entire city of Mariupol has been completely removed from Azov militants, foreign mercenaries and the armed forces. We warn you: this is false news! കഴിഞ്ഞ In the last few hours, the Russian Ministry of Defense , Reported the Russian agency Toss“Mariupol announced that the city had been completely removed from all troops Azov Battalion, Foreign mercenaries and Ukrainian soldiers. In the opinion of the Ukrainian President, a situation of “destruction” of the Ukrainian army defending the city of Mariupol Volodymyr Selensky It will mark the “end of the Kiev talks with Russia”. “The Russians are rounding up all the men in Mariupol and transferring them to Besimene, a village in Donetsk under their control,” local authorities told the agency. UnionTheir documents added that “a new order will be seized without settlement”.

In recent days, Selensky announced that the two countries involved in the conflict were in talks over Mariupol’s fate, and that a request for surrender by the Russians would be tabled. But Kiev refused to accept, fearing that it would lead to the massacre of Ukrainian soldiers. Petro Andriyushchenko, an adviser to the city’s mayor, wrote in a telegram: “They are ‘cleaning’ our men. We have the first confirmations.” On April 13 there was the Kremlin Claimed Mariupol conquered the harbor, declaring that “the Azov battalion was besieged.” The announcement was made by the Russian Defense Ministry a few hours ago Surrender of 1026 soldiers Of the 36th Brigade of Ukraine in the city. Kiev proved wrong.

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