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Moscow alleges Norway blocked traffic to Svalbard, threatening retaliation

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On Wednesday, June 29, Moscow alleged that it had blocked freight traffic to Russians settled in the Norwegian Arctic archipelago Svalbard, threatening Oslo with retaliatory measures.

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We have asked the Norwegian side to resolve this issue as soon as possible.The Russian diplomat said in a statement that he had summoned the Norwegian Charge de Affair in Moscow to the ministry. “We point out that unfriendly actions against Russia can lead to retaliation“, He added.

According to Russia, Norway intercepted shipments and food supplies for Russian miners in the archipelago to reach Svalbard at Storskog’s land border crossing point. According to Sergei Guchin, Russia’s consul in the Arctic, 20 tons of cargo, including seven tons of food, spare parts and winter equipment. According to the diplomat, Norway is blocking the implementation of the European sanctions imposed on Russia due to the attack on Ukraine. “I think Norway did not think well of joining the European embargo“Russia is exploring alternative routes, including by sea, from Europe or from the Russian city of Murmansk,” he said.

NATO’s “Achilles heel in the Arctic”

A thousand kilometers from the North Pole, Svalbard is twice the size of Belgium and sometimes “Achilles heel of NATO in the Arctic“. A different treaty concluded in Paris in 1920 acknowledges Norway’s sovereignty over Svalbard, but guarantees the citizens of the signatories, 46 today, including Russia, the freedom to exploit its natural resources.In the footsteps of perfect equalityIt is in this capacity that, for decades, Russia – and formerly the Soviet Union – extracted coal on this land, home to less than 3,000 people from about 50 countries.

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Konstantin Kozachev, deputy chairman of the Federation Council in Oslo, accused the Telegram of violating the Paris Agreement. “The Norwegian authorities are trying to starve the Russian miners, which in itself is immoral. It violates human rights and the principles of humanity“However, the Russian consulate denied the possibility of food shortages,” he said.

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