Morocco – UK: To acknowledge Morocco’s regional integrity?

Morocco - UK: To acknowledge Morocco's regional integrity?

“The British will soon recognize the integrity of the Moroccan region”: Ahmed Fouzi, a former ambassador and researcher on international relations, was convinced.

In the opinion of the former diplomat, “The option of a strong alliance between the United Kingdom and the country of Morocco confirms several indications. This consensus may be crowned by a deployment of the British in positions of countries that recognize the territorial integrity of Morocco.

The indications that Mr. Fowzie is referring to are not only economic, but also political and historical.

Mr. Fowzie believes that the BBC’s reorganization of the map of Morocco, which has been reorganized on its website by the “organisation of the British government”, is a step in the “right direction, especially the United Kingdom.” Foreign Office. Great Britain is, of course, a European country that is very sensitive to regional integrity because of the importance of Northern Ireland to its own regional integrity.

“As this stage continues, we must expect that this great country will fully recognize our integrity, and it must be remembered that it was our first partner long before the arrival of France at the beginning of the last century, and it may be if our economic relations develop in the right direction,” he continues.

Moving to the Anglo-Saxon block

For Ahmed Fouzi, Morocco’s international policy, within the framework of partner diversification, aims to bring the Anglo-Saxon axis “bringing the United States and Great Britain together, Africa, Asia and the Lever Middle East”.

International relations experts believe that Morocco has evolved in a positive way in the French-speaking region. In his opinion, “France will continue to be Morocco’s traditional partner. The political evolution of the country requires the diversification of partners for the good of all. Brexit is a golden opportunity in this direction for Morocco and the West as a whole.”

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Brexit paves the way for reconciliation

The agreements signed between the two countries in the aftermath of Brexit, the joint military moves, and the position of Great Britain’s historic and strategic ally with the United States indicate “strengthening Moroccan-British relations”.

According to Mr Fauzi, “American recognition of the Sahara’s Moroccan character is the first step in encouraging Anglo-Saxon countries, such as Great Britain, Australia and other Commonwealth countries, to follow in the footsteps of the United States.”

For Ahmed Fauzi, Great Britain represents a nucleus of the modern Anglo-Saxon economy. It does not escape from the Moroccan companies that are increasingly moving into the Anglo-Saxon world.

It said “Morocco needs to explore markets and bring back investments, funding and new technologies.” This diversification does not lead to the rejection of traditional allies such as France and Spain. On the contrary, it aims to create a new dynamic between the West, Morocco and Africa, ”he said.

In his opinion, Great Britain’s expulsion from the European Union was heading in the direction of the evolution of Morocco’s foreign policy, which had always claimed the integrity of its national territory.

The former ambassador recalls the agreement signed with Great Britain after Brexit, recognizing that all products from the Sahara are free to enter the United Kingdom. “This is a big step in the right direction,” he said.

In addition, the expulsion of Great Britain from the European Union created a great demand for manpower. According to several testimonies reported by Mr Fowzie, many companies are struggling with recruitment. According to our interlocutor, “Morocco should be one of the first responders to this British demand.

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