Morocco is one of the destinations in high demand for Irish people

Morocco is one of the destinations in high demand for Irish people

In Ireland, travel agencies are seeing demand for longer stays in warmer countries due to inflation and higher living costs. From early November, many holidaymakers head to the Canary Islands – including Lanzarote and Tenerife – to destinations such as Morocco, where they stay for at least a month.

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“Our peak period for people booking holidays is usually January, but it started in early November. They don’t go for a few days or a week, they stay for a month or more,” said Tom Britton, director of travel at Marble City in Kilkenny. Among those leaving Ireland in recent weeks are those working from home.

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“Those who can work from home, i.e. anywhere, because of their type of work, usually younger people, work from canneries because it is cheaper, more profitable and the climate. Better. They also take advantage of very cheap flights,” explained the manager.

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