Moroccan Yasin N. Neya is now an Irish citizen

Le Marocain Yassine En Neyah désormais citoyen irlandais

Yasin starts a new life for Nya. The young player is now reported to be entirely Irish Independent.i.e. “I am proud to say that I am an Irish citizen. Now I can go ahead and try to represent Ireland at the highest level. […] I feel at home, I’m one of the people here. I’m proud to be Irish, I can finally say that, and finally wear a green jersey, ”he says.

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Born in Morocco to a Moroccan father and a French mother, Yassin arrived in Ireland at the age of eight. “When I got here I got into football and found a platform I needed. […] When I went to Corduf, I played with some of my friends, and that’s where I came to the attention of Corduf FC. I was amazed at the reception from the people, ”he says.

But an obstacle stood in its way: Irish nationalism. An obstacle prevented him from playing competitively for Ireland at the minor level. Today it is given. His story was brought to light during a virtual citizenship ceremony presented by Justice Minister Helen McKenzie on Monday. Shelbyn midfielder Celtic FC manager Damien Duff is expected to be included in the squad.

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