Moroccan Sahara Moufid and her rich career in the world of cinema

Moroccan Sahara Moufid and her rich career in the world of cinema


Author of a rich artistic and photographic journey that has taken her to different parts of the world, Moroccan filmmaker Sahara Moufid makes a return to her sources.

She expresses her desire to promote her homeland as a destination for filming, but also as a great way to get to know culture, nature and Moroccan cinema, especially by signing films and series shot in Morocco and Dakhla. .

It was in this context that she initiated the preparation of the film “Hiba” with producer Jim Sheridan.

Currently in post-production, shot between Ireland and Morocco – more precisely in the city of Fez -, it will be a film that pays tribute to the Moroccan woman, especially to an Arab father. She said that she is proud to be the father of the girls.

About her future projects, she talks about a TV series shot in Morocco and the writing of a book.

Sahara Moufid’s passion for cinema was evident from an early age, her love for the stories told by her mother and grandmother, her passion for writing came from her father who was an amateur of books.

It was at the age of 20 that she started meeting more people who shared her interest in the cinematographic universe, especially actor Mohammad Mefta and other directors.

After theater classes and film training in America and Ireland, she earned her master’s degree, directed several documentaries and short films, and then met her teacher and mentor, Jim. She asserts that she learned the secrets of the filmmaker’s profession by working with him at his production company.

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Her initial project with Oscar nominee Jim Sheridan led to a rich and lasting collaboration and a deal with his production company, Hell’s Kitchen, where she serves as a filmmaker, writer and producer.

Sahara does not forget to pay tribute to the country that adopted her, affirming that the Irish have a very rich culture in writing and drama, fostering creativity and teaching film to the budding filmmaker.

In addition to her film awards, Sahara has been commissioned by several charities to film and produce documentaries about the daily lives and conditions of various underprivileged groups (refugees, orphans, underprivileged teenagers, etc.) around the world.

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