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“More Than Our Solar System” (Weekend Special)

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Posted on September 12, 2020 in Astronomy, Strange Planet, Science

“A planetary search is a search for life.” Natalie Patel, Kepler Lead Scientist at NASA Ames Research Center. Unlike anything else in our solar system, something strange sometimes appears in search of a habitable planet like Earth.

The “extraterrestrial age of the planets” was officially launched in October 1995 by the Nobel Laureate. Michelle Meyer W. Didier Kill Rose Announced the first discovery of a planet outside our solar system, an alien planet, a planet orbiting a solar star in our galaxy. The largest gas giant in our galaxy is Planet 51 Pegasian b. Almost every day discovers a strange new world.

The “ultimate life” of the Milky Way

Research teams from Arizona State University (ASU) and the University of Chicago have published one of these bizarre “things.” The new research was published in the journal Planetary Science. Researchers have determined that some carbon – rich extraterrestrial planets may have formed in the right atmosphere using diamonds and silica. “This extraterrestrial planet is not like anything else in our solar system.” Harrison Allen-Shutter of the School of Earth and Space Exploration at Arizona State University.

Diamond World

When stars and planets form, they form from the same gas cloud, so they have the same mass structure. A star with a low carbon to oxygen ratio would have an Earth-like planet with very small diamond content of silicates and oxides (Earth’s diamond content is about 0.001%).

However, extraterrestrial planets orbiting stars with higher carbon to oxygen ratios than our Sun are more likely to be rich in carbon. Alan Sutter and co-authors hypothesized that water (abundant in space) could turn this carbon-rich space planet into diamonds and silicates to create a diamond-rich formula.

“Island World” – the boundary of a completely new alien planet

Hypothesis testing

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To test this theory, the research team needed to use high heat and high pressure to mimic the interior of an alien carbide planet. To do this, they used the Earth’s High Pressure Diamond Unwin Cell and Sim’s co-author, Planetary Materials Laboratory. First, they dipped the silicon carbide in water and pressed the sample between the diamonds under very high pressure. Next, laser heating was performed at the Argon National Laboratory in Illinois to monitor the reaction between silicon carbide and water, and X-ray measurements were performed when the laser sample was heated at high pressure.

They also hoped that silicon carbide would react with water at high temperatures and pressures to form diamonds and silica.

‘Evidence of Existence’

Some astronomers have suggested that the existence of other life forms in the Milky Way or other galaxies is unrelated. The fact that we are here gives “proof of existence” in mathematics. However, research continues to this day. Astronomers and extraterrestrial biologists use state-of-the-art instruments in space and on Earth to find planets with properties suitable for biology and the exact position of stars.

Neighboring planets may be in the early stages of life on Earth. – Carl Sagan Institute

However, the carbon-rich planet at the center of this study may not have the qualities needed for life. Although the Earth is geographically active (an indicator of habitat), the results of this study show that carbon-rich planets are difficult to geographically active and can become uninhabitable for humans without geological activity to form the atmosphere. . Atmosphere is important for life because it provides air to breathe, protects from harsh space atmospheres, and even the pressure that liquid water allows.

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“This is an additional step in helping to understand and characterize the increasing number of extraterrestrial observations, regardless of the alien habitat habitat,” says Alan Sutter. “As we learn more, we can better interpret new data from future missions such as the James Webb Space Telescope and the Roman Nancy Grace Space Telescope to understand the world outside our solar system.”

Daily Galaxy by Arizona State University, Sam Cabot

Image Credit: Shutterstock License

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