More than 600 complaints against barristers and solicitors over a six-month period

More than 600 complaints against barristers and solicitors over a six-month period

The Legal Services Regulatory Authority (LSRA) has released its second report, which shows that it received 605 complaints about solicitors and barristers over a six-month period.

The report is based on complaints filed with the Legal Services Regulator between March 7 and September 6, 2020.

Most of the complaints are about misuse, inadequate service and high cost.

Statistics show:

  • A total of 605 complaints were received. Of these, 587 are associated with solicitors and 18 with barristers.
  • 346 complaints (57%) allege abuse, 213 (35%) complaints about inadequate legal services and 46 (8%) complaints related to overspending.

Of the 169 received during this period, 96 were deemed inadmissible and 23 were withdrawn. A total of 436 people are under investigation.

The LSRA said it had received 1,271 phone calls and emails over a six-month period requesting information and / or complaint forms.

Will, Probate, Arbitration, Transfer and Family Law were complained of in the areas of legal services.

The number of complaints received during this reporting period was slightly lower than the first five months in which LSRA received a total of 636 complaints.

“It is heartening to see legal services customers continue to interact with LSRA,” said its chief executive, Dr. Brian Doherty said.

“Where possible and appropriate, we make every effort to resolve grievances formally with legal practitioners and clients. Today’s report shows that it addresses a number of complaints that are encouraged at an early stage.

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This is mainly due to the efforts of legal practitioners to engage with the new grievance system, to reflect on grievances and to improve and resolve the relationship with their clients. It is encouraging and encouraging, ”he said.

The fact that poor communication between legal instructors and clients is a key feature of most complaints, Drs.

“Complainants have not consistently raised the price and time of a legal practitioner or the risks involved in taking or defending legal action. Probate and willpower continue to attract complaints from disgruntled executives and beneficiaries, and we have received more complaints about non-payment of lawyers’ fees, ”he added.

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