More than 60 people are positive. “Empty in a 4-star hotel”

More than 60 people are positive.  "Empty in a 4-star hotel"

At least salt Number of 150 young Italians Compulsory embargo a Malta. It’s from diplomatic sources, it’s clear. “More than 60 positivesHealth authorities isolate Italian children for testing positive or for contact with their travels or school mates. Most of the children who enjoy the assistance of the consular services of the Italian Embassy in Malta are students of English schools.

Overseas Holidays, What to do if it is positive during travel? From Green Pass (invalid) to Kovid Hotels

Malta, 150 Italian children banned: They are here

Gathered at a 4 star hotel in St. Julian’s (Marina Hotel Corinthia Beach Resort transformed into a Kovid Hotel). Others were isolated in 5 other structures on the archipelago booked with a study vacation package. Several cases similar to the Italian cases were reported for Spanish or French students.

Malta prevents 120 children (some have already been vaccinated). Farnesina surrenders: “We are powerless”

Tour Operator: The boys helped with all the needs

“A group of 80 Italian students stranded in Malta due to Kovid is staying in a luxury hotel with adequate health care and food. Thank you for our repeated requests and the Italian Embassy’s careful cooperation.” This was reported by Stefano de Angeles, general manager of the Tour Operator Giacomonto Study of Ascoli Piceno, who found that he organized study holidays for groups of children in Malta and dealt with the situation. “We have activated – he informs – a support service, and bears the cost of living for young people and their families until July 22”. “Emergency – recalls a note – was activated on July 7 last year and the next morning, 21 positive cases were identified and Malta’s public health detained all young people and officials on board.” “The boys, who were initially alone, were later helped by our staff,” says De Angeles, who immediately went to Malta to coordinate the emergency. Saturday Saturday, in the wake of the site’s blockade, in just 48 hours, my organization sent six other operators from Italy to Malta to strengthen support for children building ships, to ensure psychological support, and to constantly inform families. He assures us that children and their families will not be left alone in this situation.

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France vs Malta: Closing borders is against EU decisions

Clement Boone, France’s European affairs minister, has said that Malta’s decision to close borders with those who do not fully vaccinate against Covid is against European decisions. Valetta was asked to comply with the general rules adopted by the European Union on health passes. . “I do not condemn it, but I believe Malta’s decision is against European law and we must stand firm in our case and apply it fully. The context is the European Health Pass, ”Boone added.

Delta variant blocked by 7 Roman students who erupted in Greece: “One of us is positive”

Premier Malta: Only people who have been fully vaccinated can enter

The European Commission has already criticized Malta’s election, saying that from next Wednesday, only people who have been fully immunized for at least 14 days with a European, British or Maltese green pass certificate will be allowed to enter the country, but the Wallet government will retain its position. Provision’s text will be published in the next few hours. Prime Minister Robert Abela made the remarks in an interview with Labor Party radio station One Radio. He said the decision to prevent infections caused by the entry of young foreigners was essential. “We are the first European Union member to limit the travel of unknown people,” Abela claimed, according to a report in Maltese media in English. “If you are going to criticize us, I will not divulge any secrets by saying that we have already been criticized by the Commission, yet we have the courage to make this difficult and decisive decision. Decisions – including the Prime Minister – have always been based on scientific evidence. This includes closures from next Wednesday. The regional association protests and expects possible appeals. “If we want to protect our economy, it is a necessary decision,” Abela replied.

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