More than 50 migrants killed in Mexico train crash

More than 50 migrants killed in Mexico train crash

Sources in the state prosecutor’s office say 53 people were killed when a car carrying migrants overturned on a road in Mexico’s Chiapas state on Thursday.

According to the Chiapas MP, 54 people were injured. The state shares a border with Guatemala and is a major entry point for undocumented immigrants from southern Mexico.

Mexican President Andres Lopez Obrador lamented the tragedy in a post on his Twitter profile. “I apologize for the tragedy of the trailer overturning at Chiapas carrying Central American immigrants. It’s very painful. I embrace the families of the victims, “said Lopez Obrador.

Guatemalan President Alejandro Jiamese also spoke about the danger. “I apologize for the tragedy in the state of Chiapas, offer my condolences to the families of the victims, and offer all necessary consular assistance, including repatriation,” Giammote said.

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