More than 12,000 cases in 24 hours on Omicron, Gb. Israel and Italy on the list of red countries – the world

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The UK recorded an increase of 12,133 ohmicrons in the last 24 hours, up from 10,059 yesterday. With the new variant of Kovid-19, the total number of confirmed infections rose to 37,101. Local health officials made the announcement on Twitter. Inn Germany discusses advice on compulsory vaccines. “There will not be a lockdown before Christmas, but we will have a fifth wave, because we have passed a critical number of omiciron infections. This wave can no longer be stopped completely, but it can be combated with compulsory vaccines. Said.

There is concern in the United States as well. “We can not stand our watch”: The risk in the United States is one million new cases per day. Francis Collins, director of the National Institute of Health, raised the alarm on his last day at the helm of the institution he has headed for 12 years. In an interview with NPR, Collins says: “I know people are tired, but the virus does not paralyze us, it finds a way to change every two months and become more contagious,” he warns.

Meanwhile, Israel is preparing to include Italy and nine other states (including the US) in the so-called ‘Red List’. The number of Kovid infections is high. This is a recommendation coming from the Ministry of Health and what the government is preparing to launch. The provision will start on the night between next Tuesday and Wednesday, indicating a ban on Israelis traveling to the countries mentioned. Other countries include Belgium, Germany, Hungary, Morocco, Portugal, Canada, Switzerland and Turkey. Prime Minister Naphtali Bennett warned that the “fifth wave of the virus was on its way to Israel”.

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The status of ‘Red Country’ prohibits Israelis from traveling to and from these states, unless each special committee has a permit to examine it on a case-by-case basis. For those who are currently in these countries – who have already been added to a large list that includes the entire southern part of Africa and other European countries – a minimum 7-day quarantine is established even after vaccination. So far, Israel has banned entry for foreigners, but has allowed Israelis the opportunity to go abroad; Now the new system bans this event. In fact, according to the media, this is the “closing of the sky” which, for Bennett’s purpose, helps to delay the arrival of the fifth wave as much as possible. Today, 40 more omicons were recorded in Israel, bringing the total number of infections of this variant to 175.

In Europe, therefore, Omicron works. Holland locksmith announces Christmas holiday Denmark half-lockdown, ending non-essential activities

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