More planets have been discovered outside the Solar System

Újabb bolygókat találtak a Naprendszeren kívül kép

With this, the number of exoplanets confirmed by NASA has reached a critical milestone.

It is unfortunate that our solar system and its planets still have a lot of secrets, so missions They are targeting the map of Mars.

Thanks to modern technology and structures, however, we do not have to deal with a few planets and a few dozen satellites, because we already have the opportunity to look into more distant angles of space.

Sometimes NASA sees a planet orbiting a completely different star, not the Sun. These findings are particularly exciting because the so-called exoplanets may have living conditions, and one day they may even find the Earth’s successor.

American Space Agency Special archive Leading to a recently expanded collection of exoplanets with 65 new members to cross 5,000 milestones. In practice, this means that the existence of thousands of planets outside the Solar System has already been confirmed. Coincidentally, the first exoplanets were identified in the early 1990s, and by June 2019 the number of celestial bodies in this group had reached 4,000.

The big question is how many exoplanets still exist, and their existence is still obscured, and it is indeed a mystery whether there is anything Earth-like in them. The James Webb Space Telescope will answer some important questions in the years to come.

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