More participation for better performances

Inapp: più partecipazione per migliori performance

Enapp: The European Round Table organized by the Giuseppe de Vittorio Foundation in Rome today, entitled “The Challenge of Direct Partnership for New Industrial Relations during Digitization”

The European Direct 2 project focuses on direct employee participation trends in seven EU member states (Bulgaria, Cyprus, Ireland, Italy, Poland, the UK and Spain). The aim is to explore the impact of direct employee participation in industrial relations at the company level, and to present a number of positive training examples of companies in partner countries that have successfully introduced new technologies (in any form) directly with the full cooperation of employees. Participatory processes.

Involvement of Tiziana Canal, head of the Inap Survey on the Quality of Work in Italy, With intervention Job participation and quality: What happens when the employer is involved. The paper presents the results of an Inapp study that empirically explores the relationship between specific methods of labor participation and certain performance indicators of companies, using data from the IV Enap Survey on Job Quality in Italy. The tendency to innovate. The results obtained – the support of the literature that considers the direct participation of workers as a factor in improving the quality of work – suggest investing in policy interventions aimed at encouraging the adoption of participatory models in companies. The analysis presents strong empirical evidence, and draws attention to certain issues: the perforation of the work; The value of collective bargaining on certain issues; The need to redesign and reorganize certain processes in companies.

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