More flights may be cut in the Ryanair Republic due to travel restrictions

More flights may be cut in the Ryanair Republic due to travel restrictions

More flights could be cut in the Ryanair Republic if strict travel restrictions remain in place, a top official in the group warned.

The news follows reports that Air Lingus is planning to shift a long-haul flight from Shannon to one of the UK’s six airports to resist restrictions.

Ryanair DAC Chief Executive Eddie Wilson, the group’s largest subsidiary, said on Tuesday that other “more developed countries” are offering carrier benefits to base flights at their airports for the winter.

He warned that the potential would “go elsewhere” if the government did not include key EU trade partners, such as Germany and the UK, in its green list of safe travel countries.

Wilson commented that the rates of Kovid-19 infection were lower in these states than in the Republic, but the government continued to avoid them. This means that passengers from there must arrive in the Republic and be banned from boarding for 14 days.

Ryanair is slashing planned schedules in the Republic for September and October by 20 percent.

The airline has agreed to pay cuts with pilots and staff based in the Republic, as well as changes in work practice, eliminating unnecessary need for staff here.

However, Wilson could not deny that it would have to be revisited if the restrictions continued. “We may have to go to them and tell them we can’t even do that job,” he said.

He also pointed out that the airline base aircraft for the winter had an impact on what they were doing next summer.

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Wilson called on the government to implement recommendations from its own Task Force on Aviation Recovery, which recommends the removal of travel restrictions for EU countries.

The report was released on July 7, but the government has not yet taken action. “We want to know what they are going to do with their own report. What they need to do today is to lift travel restrictions in the UK and Europe. ”

Business partners

He said people from 10 other EU countries with lower COVID-19 infection rates than the Republic were subject to shipbuilding when they arrived here. These countries include the largest economies of the Commonwealth, Germany and France, which were major trading partners.

“The UK is our biggest business partner and they can’t come here to do business,” he said.

The airline executive announced that the trip turned out to be a victim of Kovid-19 surgeons, which lacked tracking and tracing in places like meat plants.

He also pointed out that the head of the World Health Organization, Michael Ryan, had said that lockdowns were not working.

E official figures show that the number of flights in the European Union is almost half that of a year ago, with traffic in the Republic falling by 90 per cent.

Air travel has been on the rise since the spring when the European Center for Disease Control and the European Union Aviation Safety Agency issued guidelines for safe returns.

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