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Moon: Incredible announcement of what is impossible for humanity

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Luna Returning to the center of attention today following an incredible announcement, it shocked the whole of humanity, but it also shows us again how many parts there are in the universe. In particular, scientists have discovered that dinosaur fossils on Earth were transported to the moon by asteroids colliding with our planet, which was hitherto thought impossible, but here it is quite true.

Luna Dinosaur fossils were transported from Earth 66 million years ago, before a giant asteroid collided with our planet and the Ice Age began, and the dinosaurs disappeared. This asteroid collided with the Earth, creating a hole in the atmosphere, through which many objects on Earth were thrown into space, including the dinosaur bones that landed on the moon at that time.

Moon: Incredible declaration, believed to be impossible by humanity

Luna It formed after a collision between a planet and the Earth, and we now know the pieces of both cosmic objects as the Earth’s natural satellite, so we can understand why the dinosaur pieces end there. It is quite logical that such revelations come from the fact that the Moon has been hit by a number of asteroids during Earth’s existence and that it is the site of many debris from collisions.

“Then, when the meteorite reached zero on the ground, it was completely damaged. The atmosphere did not sink because it was so large. Everything is in one or two shocks, so there may be tiny dinosaur bones every month. ”

Luna Since this happened 66 million years ago, all of these hidden carcinogenic objects may be beneath its surface. It is quite possible that humans could never bring such terrestrial objects back to Earth, but scientists are convinced that they exist on the moon, and that there may be other evidence that ancient life existed on Earth, but no one knows where it is.

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Luna This remains a very hot topic for scientists, and there are still a lot of unknowns about it, so it remains to be seen what will be found about it.

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