Montpellier shattered a French club’s worst record in Ireland (89-7).

Montpellier shattered a French club's worst record in Ireland (89-7).

It’s piercing. Very strong. During his voyage to the province of Leinster in the European Cup, Montpellier took an anthology roster in Ireland. 89-7 is the biggest defeat suffered by a French club in the European arena. CS Bergoin-Jaliu’s record in Leinster fell in 2004: 92-17 in 2004 … The record is held by Toulouse’s 108-16 victory over Welsh team Ebbwale in the 1998 European Cup. Erasing the shelves against the stratified franchise of 92-12 for the 2004-2005 season, he has not suffered so much humiliation in every match.

Montpellier went to Ireland, especially due to some deficiencies associated with Kovid. But above all it is because of the desire to turn people around. Engandebe, Willemsey, Howas, Camera, Penga-Amosa, Forleta, Cerfontaine, Rates, and Boutier were seen cutting their partners in front of the small screen. Dakuwaka was also eliminated at the end of the match.

Irish revenge

Like the young center Carl Martin who made his debut in the first team, Montpellier sent the boat class to the front against the almost complete and vengeful Irish. In the first quarter, Leinster was upset with the decision of the ECPR (the body that regulates European cups).

In mid-December, the Kovid-19-affected quadruple was knocked out of the green carpet (28-0) by European champions unable to go to the Herald. MHR, even though it was the subject of several Kovid-19 cases a few days later. The ECPR decided to defer opposition between the French and British clubs as the epidemic erupted the following weekend. Without backing down from the decision to allow Leinster

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