Monday, January 31 Weather: Return of rain, snow and wind

Monday, January 31 Weather: Return of rain, snow and wind

Way The King’s Crack, Meteorologist

This Monday, January 31st, after a long period of calm, the weather is changing drastically. Of course, the anticyclone is falling back to Ireland. An unrest that was not very active provided an opportunity to overcome France. Along with the scattered rain, the snow returns to the mountains, and the very clear force of the wind blowing in a south-easterly storm.

To remember:

– Return of some rainfall from southwest to eastern frontiers.

– Snow in the mountains at altitudes of 400 to 800 m in all massifs.

– The wind blows strongly north of the zone, with winds of up to 80 km per hour.

– Mistral and Tramontine winds over 100 km / h in the southeastern and Rhne valleys.

– Low temperature which feels very cold due to wind.

General context

The weather is clearly getting worse as a generally passive disturbance passes through a low pressure area rushing from the North Sea to Italy. As a result, a rainy and windy part affects most areas, which is good news during this period of dry weather. Snowfall ranges from 600 to 1000 m, depending on the mountain range. In the south-east, south of the Massif Central and the Alps, strong winds of more than 100 kilometers per hour, especially in the Mistral region.

Territorial division

On Hauts-de-France, Which is an unstable weather that lasts all day. There will be occasional showers and snow, with strong winds blowing at speeds of up to 80 kmph along the coast. In the afternoon, it will be very cold, you will not have more than 7 degrees Celsius, it will be in season. In full wind, you will feel 0 to 2 അടുത്ത closer!

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From Channel beaches at Pace de la Louvre in Poitou and CharentesAfter a short night of rain, the wind will blow at a speed of 80 km / h and 60 km / h off the coast in windy weather. This northerly wind emphasizes the feeling of cold. 5 to 6 C in the morning and 7 to 9 C in the afternoon. But if you come in contact with the wind, you will feel 2 to 5 closer!

From From limousine to overgrowth, With light rain keeping you in the dark throughout the day. Snowfall averages 600 meters. The layer may reach 5 to 10 cm in the northern slopes of the Overgone Mountains, which is good news for ski resorts. North winds blow strongly in the mountains, up to 90 kilometers per hour. In the afternoon, the maximum temperature rises to 6 to 8 degrees Celsius.

From Aquitaine Basin in the PyreneesGray and light rain worries you. Snow falls in the Pyrenees from 1000 m. The layer can be 5 to 10 cm in circumference of 1400 m. So this is good news for ski resorts. In the afternoon, you will have a maximum of 7 to 10 C.

From From the Rhne-Alpes to Burgundy in the Jura and Grand-Est, The weather is cold and turbulent. Rainfall is followed by a moderately strong northerly wind of up to 100 km / h in the alpine peaks and up to 70 km / h in Lyonnais. Snowfall ranges from 500 to 700 m, depending on the mountains. At an altitude of about 1000 m, the layer can reach 15 to 20 cm in Vosjos and Jura. This is great news for ski resorts!

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On Mediterranean regions, The sun survives despite the cloudy skies. But above all, it’s a wind that blows the news: it strengthens in the morning to reach speeds of 100 to 110 km / h, not only in the Lower Rhne Valley, but also in Provence, the Houthaz-Alps, and parts of Rusilon. , Peaks of 110 to 130 km / h are possible locally. So this is a storm that is affecting its territory. High temperatures can reach 10 to 13 degrees Celsius, but you can feel the cold if you come in contact with the wind. The Alps-Maritimes are not affected by this strong wind, and the weather is pleasant.

Finally inside Corsica, The weather remains very cloudy. At the end of the day the winds are strong, blowing at speeds of up to 80 miles per hour[80 km / hr]especially in the northern and western parts of the island. We expect a maximum of 11 to 14 C in the afternoon.

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