Molotov cocktails against police: Unionists in Northern Ireland ignite Belfast

Molotov cocktails against police: Unionists in Northern Ireland ignite Belfast

London – Nights on the outskirts of Belfast burn one after the other, where anger and despair do not smoke, but remain open. At least thirty Molotov cocktails were released overnight against police vehicles (pictures of Disorders). Cars were set on fire and manholes were smashed. The epicenter of the conflict was the Newtown Bay suburb: a stronghold of seemingly deceived, politically unrepresented unionists. In a special and subtle context like that of Northern Ireland, in the absence of politics, it does not take long for weapons (starting with the inappropriate and those who know where later) to return to the “debate”.

A border within the UK

Brexit’s worst results are being seen in Northern Ireland, where none of those parts of the deal arrived on Christmas Eve were a good gift. Ulster did not have a majority vote in the 2016 referendum, and if the Catholic minority could not see anything good, from a split from the European Union and Ireland, now Unionists are objecting to it. A border within the UK itself. A paradox. On the other hand: it was imperative not to raise a barrier between the two parts of the island, and thus the ultimate good to be protected, the Good Friday Agreements. Sectarian hatred has been bloody on the streets of Belfast and London Dairy for decades, and while it is always difficult to build peace, it will take some time to undermine it. In another article, we mentioned a month ago how the Unionist paramilitary forces had already stated that they did not agree with the April 10, 1998 agreements, and how the officers in charge of cargo inspection in the northern Irish ports had been threatened.

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Conflict between Unionists and Republicans in Sinn Fin

Boris Johnson Prime Minister Boris Johnson has so far summed up that common sense will succeed. However, nothing was found in common sense, and last Friday (another Good Friday …) 15 officers were injured and 8 people, including a 13-year-old boy, were arrested for attacking the forces of the order. Last week’s conflict was fueled by the decision not to prosecute 24 members of Sinn Fin, who had blatantly violated the restrictions imposed by Pandemic and attended the funeral of a prominent figure like Bobby Story last June. Kovid 19. All, when the nerves are thus exposed, can be read as a provocation.

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