Modena accuses two 20-year-old Irish students with Erasmus: “We were drunk, he raped us”

Modena accuses two 20-year-old Irish students with Erasmus: "We were drunk, he raped us"

The 27-year-old from Carpi pleaded guilty and took them home, while Judge Erasmus will hear the students in Modena.

MODENA: Two Irish women accused of abusing 27-year-old Carpi in a car while driving home drunk will soon be heard by a judge in a probationary case. Because of the elegance of the case and the seriousness of the allegations, it is felt necessary to hear the two alleged victims of sexual assault explain what happened from their voices. The testimonies of both are particularly weighty to the young carp, and the reconstruction requires clarity of circumstances.

The complaints were filed by two Irish 20-year-old students in Modena for university studies with the Erasmus program.

As far as I know, it all happened on a Thursday evening, March 3rd. The two classmates met at a restaurant in Modena with some friends from the university. In the evening, one of the two meets the 27-year-old from Carpi inside the club. The result is a friendly chat, where they get to know each other and the girl invites him to the table with friends and gets drunk together. The evening continues with a few drinks. The 27-year-old tries to kiss the girl he recently met, but when he hugs her, he pushes her away: the girl refuses the approach and continues into the evening after the initial embarrassment. Later, when the group breaks up and everyone goes home, the 27-year-old instructs the two girls to take them home. He put them in the car and drove away.

But then, according to the girls’ story, he stops, turns off the car and sexually assaults one of the two girls, a girl to his right. Who claims she was raped. Another claims to have been sexually assaulted.

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The woman said she was torn and tortured. How the facts happened and the behavior on the part of the young man from Carpi are crucial points that the judge should clarify during the trial. The question of the content of their alcohol should also be clarified when taking two young men in their twenties home in the evening: the accused young man could actually have acted while both were psychophysical. Degenerative condition due to the effect of alcohol. The allegations are huge, but the young man denies the reconstruction of the two young women and declares himself innocent. The investigation is ongoing.

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