MMA – UFC: Derrick Lewis makes history

UFC - Derrick Lewis entre dans l'histoire

Two sports and two federations are in opposition. Yet wrestling and the WWE have played an important role in the development of the UFC and the emergence of its players. Explanations.

Between WWE and UFC, the relationship has never been better. Some athletes like it Brock Lesnar And Rhonda Russey Both sides won. But many fighters UFC And Dana White Himself did not hesitate to publicly criticize the fake side of the world’s largest wrestling federation. This earned them some insults and provocations from WWE superstars. Yet without the WWE Gimmicks Among its wrestlers, UFC and some of its stars may not be where they are today. Here is a list of UFC fighters who have been inspired by the WWE throughout their careers.

Connor McGregor et al billion dollar word

Everyone knows the famous gate, shoulders and arms Conor McGregor Before entering the octagon. However, this approach is not real. Those who spent their Thursday evenings in front of RTL9 and then NT1 noticed it Vince McMahonThis is exactly what happened before the WWE President signed to the UFC. But that was not the only inspiration for WWE President McGregor.

«The Nature Boy Connor McGregor

Although often publicly viral with the WWE, Conor McGregor He did not hesitate to draw from her to build her epic. It’s not just Vince McMahon’s approach. We know, Infamous Pleasant character. Who speaks loudly and badly in front of the cameras, who is his jet rider, parties full of beautiful women, big cars, expensive clothes. Does that remind you of anything?

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The wrestling legend long before the advent of Instagram The Nature Boy Rick Flair had a similar character. Self-declared Limousine Ridin, Jet Fly, Kiss Steelin, Wheel deal, Son of a gunmanThis high, arrogant and enticing character became popular in wrestling rings in the ’80s and’ 90s. In 2016, Flair mentioned the strong connection between the two characters. In response to a picture from McGregor to the WWE, The Nature Boy Tweeted this:

My character comes from someone who has built his career by copying ഞാൻ I want to get a class from Rhonda (Russi) and Anderson (Silva).

Le Heal Turn de Colby Covington

WWE and wrestling have two common types of characters: Faces, Who are good people, who behave in a way that puts the public in their pockets. And Les heels, Bad people who cheat in fights and insult the audience’s microphone. As WCW did Hulk Hogan In 1996, it was not uncommon for a good person to turn bad for the comfort of a new life into his career. This regular wrestling scene will inspire Colby Covington.

We are in 2017. Covington The final battle of the UFC agreement is against Brazil in Sao Paulo Damien Maya. Although he is well-included in the welterweight standings, there is no guarantee that the Covington Federation will expand. So to start his career again, Troubles Behave badly. It all started with a post-match interview after the win over Damien Maya.

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I should have kicked him out… Brazil is a trash can. All the ugly animals here are scared! I have one thing to say now. Tyrone Woodley (Editor’s note: Velvetweight Champion at the time), I’re coming for you, and if you do not open the door for me, mine, I’m going to break it to take the Welterweight title!

This controversial shooting went very badly in Brazil. But through admission Troubles, she has “Saved his career”. Since, Covington UFC expanded. He adopted a pro-Trump attitude. He walks everywhere with his hat on “Make America Great Again”, He was close to the children of Donald Trump. Under the interim title of UFC Welterweight Champion, Covington is currently visiting the former President of the United States at the White House. Covington persuaded his device to adopt a very right-wing stance politically. He was critical of the Black Lives Matter movement and LeBron James’ social stance. We like it or hate it, but we talk about it. Colby Covington He is one of the best known fighters in the UFC today.

Entrance music by Colby Covington.

It’s not just the character changes that inspire Covington In wrestling. The Republican fighter enters the octagon with the same music Kurt Angle. A native of Pittsburgh, he became a 1996 Olympic freestyle wrestling champion and later joined the WWE in ’98. His career was crowned with success as he won all possible titles. Without competition, Kurt Angle He was one of the best wrestlers of the 90s and 2000s.

In addition to his incredible in-ring skills and hilarious promos, Angle Epic also wrote his entry music. The audience every time they hear it The air resumed Of the song of the song ” you suck “ ! That’s what inspired me Colby Covington. Covington uses the same music as Angle, as he urges UFC audiences to insult him. Of course, in the days when theaters allowed audiences, it was effective.

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In short…

Despite the few provocations that pass, the UFC and the WWE are more complementary than you might think. To open beyond those interested, combat sports federations need to add a dose of vision. What better way to win wrestling than by reference in this area?

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