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MIT Scientists Create Self-Building Robots: Here’s How They Work

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A group of researchers is showing how robots can build large structures.

term RobotAlthough we are more familiar with it every day in the field of technology, it still guides us Imagine the inventions Created in the image and likeness of man. The The movie taught 35 amazing robotsBut researchers around the world know what you need to do before building the Terminator Start laying the groundwork for future robotics. It looks like they’re starting to experiment with Massachusetts Robots making robots.

These MIT robots can build themselves

These MIT robots can build themselves. with

Technology is ahead of us: these are robots that can ‘build themselves’.

Recently, A A research team at MIT’s Center for Bits and Atoms published in Nature Communications Engineering A study that they have moved in the right direction in terms of creating Robots that can assembleEfficient and affordable, Almost any structure, no matter how big it is. We are talking about mountable inventions Even bigger robotsConstruction Racing cars Construction Airplane wings. To do this, researchers have shown that it is possible Use assembler bots and subunitsAble to move freely, in large numbers.

We talk too Robots capable of operating and building themselvesAlthough this last point will still require years of tests and studies. Neil GershenfeldProfessor at the Center for Bits and Atoms confirming What:

As you build these structures, you must build intelligence within them. The emerging idea is to use structured electronics to build voxels (cubic units that make up a three-dimensional object) that can transmit power, data, and force. No cables, just structure.

los Robots Researchers are testing it are made up of these voxelsWhich can be Used to improve structure. S This is where intelligence comes inBecause there comes a point Structure It was huge Inefficient. The The new system allows Robots must be aware of and capable of this limitation Decide it’s time to build a bigger version of yourself. Las possibilitiesAs Aaron Becker said, it is Unlimited:

This study examines a critical area of ​​reconfigurable systems: how quickly and efficiently robotic workers can be scaled up and used to assemble materials into a structure. This is the first work I’ve seen that attacks the problem from a radically new perspective by using robot parts to build a set of robots, sizes optimized to build a given structure (and other robots) as quickly as possible.

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