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Mobile phones have become a necessity and we cannot imagine a single day without them. The use of mobile phones has become our daily life, but the number of malfunctions and damages to mobile phones during use is increasing. Long life of mobile phone requires proper maintenance.

One of the most important things is knowing how to fill it out correctly, but what mistakes to avoid, reports Pinkvilla. These are the most common mistakes people make with mobile phones, thus shortening their lifespan, he writes Evening paper.

Leaving the charger in the socket

A charger left in the socket not only leads to high electricity bills but is also very dangerous. The transformer emits heat, and the build-up of heat can lead to a fire or a short circuit in the transformer, which can cause a fire.

The battery is fully discharged and charged to 100 percent

Cell phone batteries are made of lithium and run on charging cycles. If you let the battery slowly drain to the end, you are slowly destroying your device. You should not charge to 100 percent, or leave your phone on the charger for longer than that. Charging in any way shortens life due to a certain number of charge cycles. Also, leaving the mobile phone on the charger overnight leads to high electricity bills, disrupts the charging cycle and overheats the device.

Using mobile phone while charging

Discharging the battery while charging puts too much stress on the battery. If you need to do something with your cell phone, remove it from the charger, and when you’re done, put it back on the charger.

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Various chargers are used

When you buy a new mobile phone, you also get a suitable charger. So, always use this and not other chargers available to you. The charging power is different for every charger and mobile phone and it is important to always charge with the appropriate power. That said, it’s better to use an outlet rather than other devices like a laptop for charging.

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