Miss Road to Mount Olympia answered the wrong question very easily, and the answer to the event was controversial

Miss Road to Mount Olympia answered the wrong question very easily, and the answer to the event was controversial

Week 3 – March – Quarter 4, At the Road to Olympia 2020 competition, student Fan Guin Hong Lam (Le Loi High School, Fu Yen) received a biology question in the finishing round. The content of the 10-point question is: “The cross between the donkey and the horse is a mule donkey. What do you call the son of a mule donkey?”.

When it was almost time to answer the question, Hong Lam answered “cover ass”. However, her friend also realized that this was not the right answer, so she shook her head. Given the remaining 3 candidates a chance to answer, contestant Nguyen Trong Dang Dong (high school, middle school, high school experimental education science, Hanoi) rang the bell.

“The mule donkey will not have children because it can no longer be rebuilt when it is crossed,” said Dang Duong. MC Ngok Hui said this was the correct answer and that the Hanoi male student scored 10 more points. After 4 rounds, female student Fan Guin Hong Lam finished fourth with 50 points and NUN Trong Dong Duong with 290 points.

Controversial Olympia question.

However, after the broadcast, a number of controversial comments erupted because the question of the program was not really tight. La is known to be the cross between a man and a donkey. The mule donkey is more like a donkey than a horse. Horses have 64 chromosomes, donkeys have 62 and donkeys have 63.

This strange number does not allow the chromosomes to divide into pairs, so it is virtually impossible to have children, infertility. In the last quarter century, there have been only two cases of a mother giving birth to a baby: in 1984 in Morocco and in 1988 in China. From 1527 (when case records became available). Similarly, only 60 mothers in the world give birth.

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So, according to many viewers, the answer should be: “The baby donkey is still called the donkey donkey (if any) because that’s the name. The genetic aspect greatly reduces the birth rate. It’s time to say that a donkey donkey can not give birth 100%.

Audience feedback.

Or have a comment: The main issue here is: “What do you call a baby donkey without asking if the donkey is fertile (the donkey has a baby / not mentioned here)! Suppose a mule is allowed to reproduce raw, it will still produce offspring. Ask one thing and answer another. “

Although this clip about this question was shared on the fan page of the program 1 year ago, recently, the audience has commented a lot. Some of the last comments were 19 hours ago.

Ignoring the controversy temporarily, Hong Lam is a major contender for the road to 2020 Olympia. Although they could not go further in the “climbing competition”, they impressed the audience a lot. It is known that Hong Lam won the first prize in the 2019 Charming – Talented Girl Student Competition held in Fu Yen Province. In addition, her friend won 3 additional prizes, including Best Behavior, Best Talent, and Beautiful Face.

Miss Olympia answered the wrong question very easily, but the audience blamed what the show had to say: the question was eloquent, not harsh - photo 4.

Hong Lam attracts attention because of its beautiful beauty.

Not only Miss, but Hong Lam also achieved a number of notable achievements: 3rd best student status at the central level in the 2018-2019 academic year, first prize in school chess and third prize in the team competition. For many consecutive years at the provincial level, he was honored by the Department of Education and Training with the title of “Best All-Around Round Student”. During his school days, he was secretary of the Hong Lam Youth Union and a member of the Executive Committee of the Youth Union.

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