Ministry of Education separate from Science? This minister could return to government and share the portfolio with Ruzic, and to whom the energy would go.

Ministry of Education separate from Science?  This minister could return to government and share the portfolio with Ruzic, and to whom the energy would go.

The deadline for the composition of the new government in Serbia is slowly coming to an end, as mandate holder Ana Brnabic announced that her future cabinet will have many changes and new faces, and some ministries will be divided, as Kurir wrote. Almost early.

According to our unofficial information, there may be a split in the Ministry of Education and Science. According to our source, former minister Mladen Sarcevic could once again lead education, while science and technology development could go to socialist Branko Rušić.

Photo: Ana Paunkovic

Judging by the brief answer he gave us, Saracevic didn’t rule out the possibility. Commenting on “everything talking” in the hallways, he said:

– If the state is committed to reform, I’m here.

Otherwise, as we wrote earlier, a split could also happen in the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, so if it remains in the next government, traffic could be led by Zorana Mihajlovic and infrastructure by the recently appointed Deputy Mayor of Belgrade. , Goran Vesic.

Goran Vesic
Photo: Kurir Television

According to unofficial information, socialist Aleksandar Antik, who is currently acting director of the “Corridor of Serbia”, may return to Mihajlović’s position in the Department of Mining and Energy.

TV Blick representative Branaby also confirmed that Vesic will be part of the government.

– I would like to see Goran on my team one way or another. He is extremely efficient, very dedicated indeed, a man who never hesitates to learn, acquire new knowledge and keep up with trends. This is what we need in the government, so I would like to see him in my team – Brnabic pointed out.

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Commenting on these words of representative Brnabic, the executive director of the “Factor Plus” agency Vladimir Pejic says that it is a confirmation that Vesic will definitely be part of the new government, most likely as the Minister of Infrastructure Development.

Vladimir Pejic
Photo: Media Center Belgrade

– Vesić will definitely be part of the new government. There is no doubt about it, because it was confirmed, perhaps not in the most direct way, but certainly indirectly, emphasized representative Brnabic – Pejic. He added that it is difficult to comment on other speculations because it has often happened that until now some names are almost certain, and then it turns out that this is not exactly the case.

— almost certainly the same with those who were written off, and eventually find their way back into government. That’s why I didn’t bid and comment on guesses, but only what is certain now – explains Pejic.

He also says he is surprised by the prospect of Sarcevic returning to the government to become education minister again.

– Frankly, this information is a big surprise for me – Pejic said. According to our information, the current Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, Tomislav Momirović, has been considered for the position of Minister of Economy. Irena Vujovic should also remain in the new government, but most likely as the Minister of Labour, Employment, Veterans and Social Affairs, while Jadranka Joksimovic, the current Minister of European Integration, whose ministry is breaking spears, is therefore most visible to her successors Suzana Grubjecic and Milan Antonijevic.

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Susana Grubjesic
Photo: Marina Lopicic

Neurosurgeon Dr. Danica Grujicic is also in the running for the position, but current Labor, Employment, Veterans and Social Affairs Minister Darija Kisic could be given the health minister position in the next government structure. However, it could very easily happen that none of them would sit in the Health Minister’s chair if that department belonged to the Socialists, which is still being debated.

Only the departments of Dačić, Vucevic and Mali are said to be safe

Socialist leader Ivica Dačich will return to executive power after a two-year hiatus, as deputy prime minister, coordinator of security services and most likely interior minister. Milos Vucevic also joins the government and, in addition to the position of Deputy Prime Minister, according to unofficial information, could hold the position of Minister of Defense. Sinisha Mali continues as Finance Minister and Deputy Prime Minister.


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