Ministers’ parade today and tomorrow

Ministers' parade today and tomorrow

Fiuggi caput mundi. Tourism. For two days.
But this real state general represents the impetus for the resumption of the country. Two days of discussions and discussions on resuming Italian rebirth and ensuring dialogue with the regions.

Ministers Mara Carfagna, Renato Brunetta, Stefano Pattuvanelli, Massimo Garavaglia, Elena Bonetti, Deputy Ministers Pierre Paulo Silleri, Alessandra Todd, Ilaria Fontana, Lazio Region President Nicola Cincaretti and Farness Generalio Farness are also General Secretaries. The leaders of the forum will be “Return to the Future. The World to Come” which will take place in Spot Town, today and tomorrow in the beautiful place of Terme Bonifacio VIII.

The event’s presentation note reads: “Small towns are an opportunity to share new strategies for re-launching the country with regions and various community partners, and small towns to tell us which direction we are heading and how to give new impetus to the big city economy. Represents beauty too.

Fiji Mayor Alyoska Bakarini says: Hosting a forum of such great importance and scope is a source of pride and pride. Two days of reflection and discussion on issues affecting Italy and the world to come, with a focus on the most important: the future of our children after the epidemic.
Italy is facing an unpredictable financial crisis, but I’m sure we will succeed. A good job to all guests Welcome to Fugi who has been hosting our DNA for centuries.

Tourism and Economic Development Councilor Simona Girolami notes: F This is the first of four major events we’ve hosted in Fugi. The mission is very hard for our speaking is to re-launch tourism this year, I am happy that we are sharing with other municipalities in the area of ​​these two days. We lived through complicated moments and it was not easy to get back to normal.
But in these two days, we hope that enthusiasm, ideas and new visions will return to revive the economy and tourism. ”

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Among the organizers is Guido de Amico, a member of the Atf board, national president of Confimpress Italia, and adviser to the Lower Lazio Chamber of Commerce. He thesis: the country is, at this stage, which requires municipalities to receive a path for businesses and citizens in politics and explain restart. Tool »an opportunity to regain sustainability of the recovery plan.

The characters of Andrea Pancani, Maria Elena Capitanio, Massimiliano Lenzi and Nuncia de Girolamo will be moderated for two days by the Municipality of Fuigi and Aqua e Terme de Fiuigi.

Guido de Amico argues again: ഞങ്ങൾ We are talking about the first event in a long series. The aim is centered on the country’s national calanatmakatayil phiyugiye. A role it deserves regardless of everything. We are talking about a jalattekkuriccan, in addition to its healing qualities, and represents a brand in Italy. He was like an ambassador. Aqua Fugi’s packs are in high demand in Russia, Great Britain, Ireland and Canada. Exports to China will begin immediately. It is not a small detail that this water is always characterized by the quality of its rigid glass packaging. Rather. As ETFs, we are very careful about respecting the environment: Tetra Pak packaging is divided into “green water product of 2021”. For a fact: 12,000 customers appreciated the packaging.

Then D’Amico adds: we are at the most important and sensitive stage of recent times, as there are signs of a resumption. Vaccinations reduce the epidemic curve and begins to take effect. The will to resume can give you comfort, return to the game and give new life to that economy that has been compressed for so long and almost dies. Significant efforts must be done, especially in the tourism sector. Don’t be fooled by the whole house that is definitely happening this summer. Because then comes October, and there will be problems if the government does not make the right interventions. We asked the previous government for stronger measures for businesses: financial jubilee, subsidy tax, the possibility of postponing certain payments. But tiriccataykkatta loans provided to other countries. The government has changed its approach, but now we tvaritappetuttentatunt. For this area, there are some important possibilities. For example, I refer to the unique local industrial consortium, which is a non-recurring opportunity. But we must always remember that the pandemic system is disturbed. Many companies (small and medium) have not built it. Here we must understand that nothing will happen as before.
This is why extraordinary efforts are required. Tourism is a driving force, to say the least.

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The second event, to be held in Fiji, is scheduled for July and will be dedicated to health and sports.
In September, the space for credit and industrial policies.
Atithikalkkitayil speak at this point in his book, former magistrate, Luke palamarayum.
In September there will be Economic Development Minister Giancarlo Giorgietti and Mef Claudio Durigon’s Undersecretary.

Guido de Amico summarizes: F The resume only happens in a city like Fujig. The work will start at 5 pm today. With the founding greetings of Mayor Alyoska Bakarini and Guido de Amico (ATF).
Deputy Francesco Sichieri will be presenting the works. First speech by Nicola Cingaretti, President of the Lazio Region. Then it will be the turn of the South Mara Karfagna Minister. The other two ministers are Renato Brunetta (Public Administration) and Stefano Pattunelli (Agriculture). Elaria Fontana, Undersecretary for Environmental Change, will also be there.

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