Ministers and Secretary of State discuss EU-UK relations

Ministers and Secretary of State discuss EU-UK relations

A The meeting will be held via video conference, chaired by European Conference Secretary of State Ana Paula Zacharias, who represents the current Portuguese presidency of the European Union Council. First, the relationship between the European Union and the United Kingdom began on March 15 after the European Commission began proceedings in London.

At the heart of the dispute between the two partners, European leaders will use the protocol of Ireland and Northern Ireland included in the Brexit agreement to “analyze in light of the current state of negotiations between the European Union and the United Kingdom.”

In addition, one day after the launch of the conference’s digital platform on the future of Europe, Ana Paula Zacharias will brief her opponents on the “preparations for the launch” of the event – which is expected to take place on May 9 in Strasbourg, France – and has already made two “decisions of the Executive Council Conference”.

European Affairs Ministers and Secretaries of State still have time to analyze recent developments in the rule of law in Germany, Ireland, Greece, Spain and France as part of an exercise aimed at “improving governance.” Law in all member states “.

This is the second discussion of the General Affairs Council on the specific analysis of the five countries on this issue, with those responsible in November 2020 analyzing the situation in Belgium, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Denmark and Estonia.

Ministers and state secretaries will address the current pandemic situation and make a play on “Vaccines, Ongoing Activities on the Digital Green Certificate”, and “Epidemiological Situation and Travel Restrictions”.

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The meeting will start at 10 am in Brussels (9 am in Lisbon) and the press conference will be scheduled for 6 pm (5 pm in Lisbon).

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