Minister of the future

Education means building

The education world in Italy includes approximately 9 million children and adolescents and 1 million adults (between teachers and staff). A significant number, equal to about 15% of Italians. There are 10 million people. They are more than the population of entire countries like Switzerland, Austria or Denmark.
“Education” and “the future”, as we said last week, is the main reason for pushing – especially high school students – to get up in the morning and come to school.. The word education is derived from the Latin verb “instru” whose primary meanings are “organize” and “build”. We are dealing with the youth, the citizens and society of tomorrow; Therefore, the school – the home of education – is the main place where the future is “built”, and young citizens are ready to enter the civil society of adults. Therefore, if numerical data is combined with linguistic data, The Minister of Education has a most important and delicate role. At least equal to that of the superior Ministries of Finance, Home Affairs or Foreign Affairs. Because the future of a country depends on the Ministry of Education. Of course, I will rename him future minister.

Future minister

Above all I ask the future Minister to consider two points. First: An embarrassingly thorny question. The average salary of Italian teachers is around 30 thousand euros per year. We are a far cry from the 35,000 of a Spaniard, the 40,000 of an Irishman… we are not even half the 60,000 of a German. Cost of living varies, but an adjustment is necessary. At the beginning of her career, an Italian teacher has a monthly salary of 1,100 euros, and a high school teacher 1,400. In themselves they are not inferior: Pain points are career shots. In Italy they are based almost exclusively on years of seniority, With no incentive for merit or initiative; Also, they don’t even pay 15€ per month for the service each year. A mocking, almost insulting look. In fact, after more than 30 years of teaching, a high school teacher reaches 1,900 euros per month.

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Second: A question of decorum. There are even safety issues with school buildings, which are crumbling and dangerous. We must have the courage to go further. Securing should be obvious: we need to move on to the idea of ​​decoration. dirty dirty spirits; On the other hand, access to functional and well-maintained facilities has a beneficial and motivating effect on both teachers and students. the reason Beauty is contagious, because beauty conveys enthusiasm. We no longer want to hear about schools without toilet paper or markers, or parents who spend Saturday afternoons helping paint classrooms. It is bad for both teaching and learning. It is disrespectful to Italy’s artistic and cultural heritage. Dear future minister, you will have the honors and duties you ask for. He is called to build the future of Italy together with 10 million Italians!

Prof. Alberto Introni
Teacher and writer

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