Minister Bayram wished the workers all the best and love on their Eid-al-Manar TV website-Lebanon.

Minister Bayram wished the workers all the best and love on their Eid-al-Manar TV website-Lebanon.

Labor Minister Mustafa Bairam wishes the workers their Eid greetings and love, pointing out that this event is taking place in difficult circumstances and in the light of a crisis that has led to a dramatic collapse of the economic and social conditions.

In an interview with Al-Nour Radio, Minister Byram confirmed that he was making no attempt to commit any violations under the current circumstances, explaining that he had been able to limit 126 jobs to Lebanese and prevent non-Lebanese competition for Lebanese workers. In addition to obliging companies to hire Lebanese, he was also able to extract a transfer allowance. As published in the Official Gazette upon completion of the signatures.

The Labor Minister pointed out that the salary of a private sector employee would be രണ്ട് 2 million, with a transport allowance of 65 65,000 per working day, which would be more than 3 million. The number, in its simplicity, compels employers to declare it to the National Social Security Fund, raising the subscription limit to 5 5 million, bringing in ബ 1,100 million in Lebanese, which would have lost its value in the medical, hospitalization, sickness and obstetrics outcomes, as well as post-mortem loss.

The Labor Minister indicated that he had issued a memorandum relating to the waiver of the warranty permit, in which any company requesting a work permit would be compelled to submit a clearance for payment of security contributions, stressing that he was using all statutory rules. It means through the Index Committee to bring together employers and workers who are leading the effort to improve the conditions of the most vulnerable section of workers, in a way that does not lead to the closure of institutions.

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He urged the youth to work in the jobs they could, asking them to take a step back to the ministry and mediate with the ministerial employer.

Source: Al Noor Radio

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