Mining Policies: Morocco, Second Most Attractive Territory in the World (Fraser Institute)

Mining Policies: Morocco, Second Most Attractive Territory in the World (Fraser Institute)

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According to the Fraser Institute’s latest annual ranking among the leaders of major mining and exploration companies, Morocco ranks second in the world in the most attractive jurisdiction in terms of mining policies.

“Along with the Republic of Ireland and Morocco, the top 10 jurisdictions are Northern Ireland, Western Australia, Quebec, Nevada, Utah, Saskatchewan, Finland and Alberta”. The report presents the results of the 2021 Annual Survey of the Special Canadian Think Tank. The country ranks second with a score of 98.06 out of 84 provinces, states and countries analyzed.

“While geographical and economic considerations are crucial factors in mineral exploration, the political climate of a region is also an important investment consideration.” The authors of the report say. The Mining Policy Perception Index is an integrated index that measures the overall attractiveness of the jurisdictional policies under review. It takes into account a number of considerations that affect investment decisions, such as regulatory administration, the legal system, the tax system, environmental policy, infrastructure, socio-economic development conditions, political stability, employment restrictions, security or employment, and the availability of skills.

In addition, Morocco ranks in the top 10 of the world rankings for the most attractive jurisdiction for mining deposits. According to the Fraser Institute, the Global Investment Attraction Index is based on the Best Practice Mineral Potential Index, which rates areas based on their geographical attractiveness and integrates the policy outlook index. Exploration Investment. According to the same source, the parties were interviewed for this classification “Regularly report that about 40% of their investment decisions are determined by political factors.”

Western Australia ranks first in the world in terms of investment attractiveness, followed by Saskatchewan, Canada, Nevada, Alaska, Arizona, Quebec, Idaho, Morocco, Yukon (Canada) and South Australia.

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“The United States has the highest number of jurisdictions in the top 10 this year (4), followed by Canada (3), Australia (2) and Africa (1).” Morocco, in this case, has made that clear.

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