Mindhunter Alternatives: This exciting series is a must see

Mindhunter Alternatives: This exciting series is a must see

In the Netflix series “Mind Hunter”, two FBI agents talk to convicted serial killers to better understand their motives. Since the sequel series cannot be expected for the time being, we have 5 alternatives for you.

Mind Hunter

Mind‌Hunter (Qual: Netflix)

In the US thriller drama “MindHunter”, two FBI agents, Ford and Tenz, travel through the United States, talking to convicted serial killers and understanding their motives.

Since the third season of “Mind‌Hunter” can only be expected in 5 years, we have put together 5 alternatives for you.

1. Alternative: Hannibal

Honeyball Series

Hannibal-Series (Quelle: obs / SAT.1 / NBC)

NBC Series “Honeyball” Dr. Hannibal Lecter, a cannibalistic serial killer. When he wants to pursue a bloodthirsty hobby in his spare time, he works with FBI agent Will Abraham and assists him in the investigation of murder cases.

2. Alternate: Dexter


Dexter (Quelle: Themoviedb.org)

The series “Dexter” is about Dexter Morgan, a reserved, almost embarrassing forensic scientist in the Miami Metro Police Department. But none of his colleagues suspect that Dexter is leading a murderous double life.

3. Alternative: Kills Eve

Kills Eve

Kills Eve (Quelle: tmdb.org)

The BBC America’s thriller series “Killing Eve” is about American Eve Polystyrene, who works as an officer for the London-based British domestic intelligence service MI5. They first notice the connection between the various murders and want to punish the killer responsible for them.

4. Alternative: Fall


The Fall (Quelle: tmdb.org)

In the British crime series “The Fall”, Detective Stella Gibson is ordered from London to Belfast, Ireland. A serial killer is making trouble there.

5. Alternative: Criminal mind

Criminal mind

Criminal Mind (Quelle: tmdb.org)

The CBS series “Criminal Minds” scrutinizes the FBI’s “Behavioral Analysis Unit” (BAU). The Behavioral Analysis Department determines what motivates the offender’s mind to do their thing.

I do not know when this will continue with “Mind Hunter”. The series has been canceled for the time being. We summarize the cancellation of other series on Netflix, Amazon and TV.

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